A Quick Fix Make Over of Our Ceiling Fan

Let me start this blog post that I have been wrong in the past. Yupp you heard it, I was wrong when I told my husband three years ago that we really should get rid of our 80’s ceiling fan. I wanted it out and replace it with a normal chandelier or pendant light. Infact, I begged to get the rattan one, everyone went mad about for a few months, from IKEA.

Anyway, I didn’t and stuck it out, only to later decide to give it a colour make-over. Now the one I am about to show you is not from the first time, but the more recent colour transformation. 

But let me tell you in advance, it was super easy and makes such a huge impression.

Step #1 Take The Ceiling Fan Of The Ceiling

This was my ceiling fan after the first make-over but before the second. 

Take the ceiling fan down and take off all the wings, give them a good clean. 

Step #2 – Spray Paint The Rattan

I started with the taping of the outer frame of the wings of loosely – it really does not matter that much since it was still to be painted. So if the wings get some colour from the spray paint it’s not the end of the world.

For this part I really preferred the spray paint, as you can add it in thin layers. With painting it instead, you run the risk that paint collects in between the opening of the rattan and closes up the texture.

I did two coats and got really good coverage with that. I let it try for about an hour until I moved on. 


Step #3 – Paint The Wings

Next, I reversed the tape job, and covered my freshly, but dried paint job on the rattan (inside of the wings). This I did with some more pre-caution as in comparison to step 2. 

I also gave the wings a bit of sanding to take the shine of the previous paint job. The wings itself I painted with wood paint, in three layers. I sued a roller brush for it make sure the paint is applied evenly.

Step #4 – Changing The Colour Of The Main Body

In my first make over, I already spray painted the main body once, which funnily enough was originally brass – the colour I wanted to achieve now. So I bought some Acetone and have the fan body a good clean, taking off the old copper spray paint. However due to age, the originally brass colour was not in such a great shape that I decided to give it a new coat of spay paint. 

And that was it! Wouldn’t you agree that it sure looks like a million dollars now?


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