Teenage Room Make Over

If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen my stories and newest post about the transformation of our oldest’ s room make over. He just turned 12 on the weekend, and it seemed like a great fit to finally give his room the much needed attention it was (literally) screaming out for.… Continue reading Teenage Room Make Over

Interior Styles: Modern Classics

Part 3 of my Interior Styles series focused on the Modern Classics. Before you get confused between the terms “modern” and “contemporary” – modern refers to the modern time – “mid century modern”, for pieces created between 1920-1950. It is a defined style and does not change, contrary to contemporary designs (what we talked about… Continue reading Interior Styles: Modern Classics

Interior Styles: Scandinavian Contemporary

    Let’s talk interior styles! I am going to start with the classic scandinavian contemporary style that is recognizable by their simplicity, its minimalism and functionality. The contemporary design movement established in the early 20th century, flourished in the five nordic european countries, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Finland in the 50’s and has… Continue reading Interior Styles: Scandinavian Contemporary