Create a DIY Comic Collage Wall for Your Kids Bedroom

Emma’s little reading/ snug corner is one of my favorite places in our home and also one of my most favorite projects up to date did most of it just before she was born. Creating spaces for kids is definitely a favorite process of mine, they are fun and a place to be really creative. The wall is a comic collage made from old Bamse magazine, a classic Swedish children cartoon which her big brother collected over the last ten years, but was happy to share in the end Emma’s corner also features a large chalkboard wall for her to draw and later write on The mountain shaped shelves, the animal-zoo bench and the chunky knitted blanket are made by me (I love my woodwork and DIY projects). I hope this is a place she can grow into and continues to love it as much as I do.

When deciding on how to decorate Emma’s  nursery or more like playroom, since she is sleeping with us for the foreseeable future, I remembered a picture in one of Elle’s interior magazine from last year or so. A kids room featured, had a comic-collage wall I absolutely adored. And here we are, recapping my venture of doing a “DIY comic collage wall for your kids bedroom”.

#1 Things you need for to create your DIY Comic Collage Wall

Comics/ Magazine – and a lot of them! I must have used somewhat 50 – thank godness for having an overflowing amount of Bamse magazines in the house.

Wall paper paste – I used a very basic one, purchased at Bauhaus. Since the paper is not thick, you only need to use very little on it it too, to attach it to the wall.

A wide brush – also found in all sorts of hardware stores, like here at Byggmax.

#2 Preparations for your DIY Comic Collage Wall

Cut a lot of magazine and images apart. Once you start with the glue you don’t want to go back and forth between cutting and applying the pieces to the wall (I speak from experience here, it can become messy!). Start with the corners and borders of the wall to align them properly. The filling in part then is easy. 

I did not keep a chronicle order, ie. the stories do not match up. So if you want yours to be one big reading wall, make sure to organize them prior as well.

#3 Now add other elements to your DIY Comic Collage Wall

I added some framed picture in natural wood to add contrast to the colorful wall, as well as custom made shelving. It’s supposed to be fun – so go wild!


If you need help or more inspiration for your kids bed and playroom/ corner send me a message and we can create a place for many fun years to come!

Have fun & talk soon

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