DIY Cabinet Sliding Doors

With the lower cabinet front done in a classic shaker style, I wanted something very different for the uppers. Last year I set out to make cane cabinet doors from scratch and now I planned on building sliding doors, using the existing upper cabinets as bases.

Sliding doors as such aren’t exactly available at Ikea or other ready-to-buy places so it was most definitely Do It Yourself.

Throughout the process I was playing with different ideas, on what material I should be using for the doors. At the end I settled for a clear profiled plastic and plywood. 

Step #1 – The Tracks

To make sliding doors, regardless of the material, you need tracks. So this was my very first problem to solve. Since the cabinets I have are mounted, and not possible to take down (without breaking them or the wall for that matter), I had to improvise. 

My plan was to insert ta bottom and top track – add on’s to the cabinet frame. Thanks to my router it was a lot easier than anticipated, and I started practicing.

After figuring our the right depth and bit size, I went on to make the tracks on my cut to measure wood pieces. 

Pretty smart isn’t it?

Step #2 – Paint before installment 

So now I had my 6 pre-fabricated tracks, and had to paint them before installing – really just to make it easier for later.

But first, make sure they do fit the cabinets.


Step #3 – The doors

After I settled on clear plastic and normal plywood sliding doors, all I had to do was cut them to measure. The plastic was a tad more difficult, but with a relatively small saw blade it worked out just fine. 

The more difficult part came, I when I used my Fostner drill bit to make ‘door-hole-handles’, the wood ones are perfect, whereas the plastic ones could be a bit better. But hey, that is DIY for you.

And then of course, as always, paint before installing the doors. 

Step #4 – Installment

A fairly straight forward process – wood glue and some clamps, and the tracks are installed. Great right?

Step #5 – Add the doors & fine work

To make sure the doors fitting snugly, I added the upper tracks and doors at the same time. Since there was some glue leaking from the installment, I took my sander to it, before repainting. 

And that was really it! My uppers were done.

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