Good Clean Fun! Laundry Room Reveal & Smart Laundry Hacks

It’s laundry room day – wohooo! I got to be upfront with your, it’s not just the room we do our laundry in, but also where I occasionally craft & sew and where we enter the house from our garage – most of the time in a rather dirty attire (the husband, not me ?). Quite the multifunctional space one would say, so it is definitely important for me to create a functional and yet creative space.

I am going to show you all the little details that make this space working so well for us now, as well as share my favourite little laundry hacks with you – that will save you time & money.

So what did happen in our 10sqm?

Hello tropical space! Here I can happily imagine a lush humidity to do our laundry in. The wall treatment was a fairly easy fix, with a bunch of colours I still had around, and some pre-drawn sketches of tropical leaves so I knew how I wanted it to look. I added complimentary colored draw up curtains and a very affordable contact paper treatment in a marble pattern for our laminated worktop. Did I mention that I like budget friendly makeovers? ?

We also got a major upgrade on our washing machine/ dryer thanks to Samsung Home Appliances* – a combination machine that holds 2kg more laundry in weight, than our previous appliance – win! So we already saving the amounts of loads we run (translate this to saving cold hard cash thanks to reduced usage of electricity).

We opted on purpose for a combi machine as it means it can run from washing to drying in one go, without us having to be around to switch machines. I could tell you now how great this machine is with all it’s time & energy savy functions (because it has a lot of those, like Airwashing clothes that aren’t really dirty but may have a smell one them by refreshing your clothes with warm air and removing unpleasant odors without adding any water, detergent or other chemicals). Pretty smart indeed!

Let’s talk a bit more about laundry, shall we?


It’s something we all do, a lot of, I bet! We are a four-head household with a teen and toddler that won’t wear anything if water was spilled on. I know, I know – that’s what I keep saying – it’s only water! So we naturally end up with a whole bunch of laundry that needs washing (or now airwashing ?).

#1 Pre-washing/ oily stain’s

We don’t pre-wash, let’s just put it that way, but what we (or I) do a lot is having simple white chalk at hand to treat greasy stains. I am the chef in our house, so it’s mainly my clothes that need immediate attention if I don’t want to end up throwing them out. All you have to do is rub a bit of chalk over the oily stain and let the chalk absord any moisture. Before you do then throw it in the wash, just give it gentle rub with warm water and some detergant. It should come out as new!

#2 Sorting

Funnily enought this one comes from my husband, and I ofcourse give credit where it’s due. You probably also sort your laundry in whites, colours and darks (well I really sort only between light and darks and make sure no new red clothes end up in the light wash), but I have now also started seperating all towels, underwear, socks etc.

Why? Those go into the longer cycle that includes drying them. If you are a regular laundry do-er you know how incredibly annoying and time consuming it is to hang socks right? So this saves so much time and sanity! Win!

#3 Laundry Detergent

Ever since having Emma (the toddler) joined our little family we had to completely ditch everything that wasn’t natural and parfum free, ie. regular laundry detergant brands and softners, as she is prone to eczema. And oh my did I miss the fresh smell (or let’s call it what it is with store bought softner – fake smell). I did my usual detective work around the Internet and found a few recipes that turned out to be pretty good to have at hand and deliver fresh smelling, soft AND clean laundry.

What do we use?

We still use commercially bought laundry powder detergant that is bio friendly, approved by dermatologist and parfum free. But I could not find a softner that I was satisfied with, which ultimately led to making my own at a fraction of store bought products.

Distilled White Vinegar + Essential Oil

Distilled white vinegar might sound a bit weird considering it’s strong smell, but it is infact used to neutralise other odors. And if you add some drops of your favorite essential oil it turns out amazing! I use it now for two reasons, to get a lush and fresh scent and to keep my sheets feeling luxurious. 

For my mix I use:

  • 3 cups of Distilled White Vinegar
  • 15 drops of essential oils

I personally love a fresh scent of wild orange in the summer months, and ceder in the winter. Go and give it a try!

The DIY mix just goes straight into my liquid detergant part of the washing machine and it’s ready to go. I alter between 1/2 a cup and 1 cup, depending on how heavy the load. 

My next step is to also start mixing the powder detergant! If you have any great tips why don’t you send them over? I would love to hear what you guys are doing!

Send me a mail?

So now that all my laundry is pre-treated, sorted, washed and smelling good I ofcourse need to hang it. On a normal day I rather airdry our clothes (there is something soothing about hanging clothes – not socks though ?). As I already mentioned in the beginning thought, our laundry room is a multifunctional space – so space is the keyword.  


We used to have a free standing laundry stand, that was quite ugly, half broken and well would tip over all the time. So I decided to toss it and replace it with a ceiling rod, to dry jumpers, pants and t-shirts on etc. and two wall mounted drying hacks that fold easily out, when needed and go back flat to the wall, when not. Giving me all the floor space without compromising function. 

You can see I added also some extra shelves to store some work clothes, towels and more crafty things, sorted in boxes. 

So overall I am pretty thrilled to get down to work here! May even find me more than not, you know hiding out, pretending to do laundry, when really I’ll be continue reading the fascinating manual to our new washing machine and maybe even sew something!

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