How I Painted My Tiled & Outdated Kitchen Floor!

Do you have a tiled floor that you are really not loving but can’t just yet afford ripping it out and replacing it?

Welcome to my world! You have three options in this scenario:

1. Put a rug on it and just live with it (hint, this is what I did for the past years).

2. Tile or lay other flooring over the existing floor – definitely doable if there is no underfloor heating in place.

3. PAINT your floor!

You may have read my previous post ‘The One Where I Painted Our Bathroom Tiles Green & Reviewed It’, my first tile-paint job, and read that I have had some small issues with paint peeling off in high traffic areas. So this time around I researched a bit longer before I made the decisions on what kind of paint would do the job (better).

But first, let’s look at the kitchen and its floor prior to me attempting to completely change it.

 There is nothing structurally wrong with the floor, but I was tired of the aging looking grout and melange tone. So here we go – on to paint the floor!

Step #1 – Cleaning

Before I did anything else, I scrubbed the floor and grout to get any dirt and oily residue off. I bought a solution from the pain shop, which I then diluted with water.

Step #2 – Decide in the pattern

I decided early on, on stripes, they are fun and versatile and fairly straight forward to execute with the help of masking tape, a level and some measuring tape.

I found this gorgeous kitchen on Pinterest and new kind of had to do this – but of course, not with tiles but with paint. Who knows, maybe i’ll take it up on the cabinets on a cold winter day ?

Step #3 – Tape up your patterns/ stripes

Here I made my first mistake – I started taping of the stripes with the same distance to each other without realizing at this first, that every 2nd strip needs to be more narrow by the width of the stripe minus the width of the masking tape you use. Otherwise one of the two colors would be wider.

The first picture below shows how I did it wrong. The 2nd is the correct version for same width 2-tones stripes.

Step #4 – Painting

I treated the floors the same as any wall, where I wanted to have sharp edges. First I painted each section with a strong primer, made for a surface that is hard to get paint to stick. At the same time I painted over the masking tape to seal off the edges and the paint in the 2nd coat would not leak (worked pretty great overall).

Each stripe color needed about 3 coats with 1-2h rest in between. The rest period was mainly so I could walk and work with the floor again.

I started with white as I figured if something goes horribly wrong, white is easier to rescue ? I also painted the kitchen in 3 sections over a bunch of days, so there really was enough time to cure in between and to be able to use the kitchen somewhat. We did however move our dining table to the living room for the time being.

When I was done with the white colored section of the stripes, I let them rest for an extra hour and then started taping them up. Again I started with the primer, over edges and all and then added 3 coats of the mustard shade. 

This whole process was then continued on all three sections of the kitchen, with repeatedly vacuuming in between to make sure no hairs or crumbs get stuck under the paint.

Who loves clean lines as much as I do?

The paint I used is local to Sweden, so I would always recommend to have conversation with your local paint shop. Most will say don’t do, BUT if you are going to renovate at some point anyway, and don’t have much too loose, just give it a go. I am happy with the final result and the feeling of the paint on the tiles. It doesn’t feel like paint and I already cleaned them after having three kids running wild yesterday in the house with cherries and all ?

My Conclusion

Well I love the stripes, and how it transformed our boring white and old tiles, but I have to admit that I am not 100% if this shade works with the cabinet color. Maybe I should add a rug again? Or maybe switch the cabinet color? Or maybe I should just sleep on it a night? 

No but, I think it’s fun, something I wanted to do forever, and I am so glad I did! If I now end up changing the cabinets, so will be it, but the floor is my new favorite and it wouldn’t be if it wasn’t a little crazy right?!

For now I keep it! ??

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