Interior Styles: Boho Natural

Part 2 of my interior style series is focused on of my favourites: Bohemian Vibes! Who doesn’t love the idea of a beach and free spirited inspired home, right? It gets me dreaming about all those great California vacation we took as a family in the past years.

Ok ok enough of my day dreaming, let’s talk some facts 😉

Did you know that the word ‘bohemian’ comes from the French word ‘gypsy’? It is supposedly emphasizing an artistic live, with a sense of freedom and eclectic style. This style represents often the feeling of “hippies”, world travelers (see why I day dream haha) and artists. It can be as different as the individuals themselves. That is why I love it so much – individualism is what I believe so special when it comes to ones home, there is no second or copy. 

However, repetitive keys are free expressions, unconventional displays and colorful collections. Mix and match old and new, select between different popping colors, textures and pattern. Key materials are again everything natural, from wood and linen to a lot of greenery. Accessories with objects that you love and which want to fill all physical and visual spots.

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