Interior Styles: Modern Classics

Part 3 of my Interior Styles series focused on the Modern Classics. Before you get confused between the terms “modern” and “contemporary” – modern refers to the modern time – “mid century modern”, for pieces created between 1920-1950. It is a defined style and does not change, contrary to contemporary designs (what we talked about before), which continues evolving.

So what can you do to make this your style ? Use natural materials such as teak, leather and linen to furnish your space. Modern interior style is characterized by clean and embellished interiors and furnishing items. You often find polished metal accents on handles and lightning fixtures as well as furniture made out of molded plastic. That does sound modern, doesn’t it?

Keep floors bare, with furniture that raises from the floor to achieve an airy feel as well as add neutral rugs to complete the otherwise sleek surface. Fabrics can as rich as satin and leather or simple sleek cottons. Whatever makes your heart jump in aww!

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