Interior Styles: Urban Industrials


We reached the final part of my interior styles series – part 6! Today I am talking about the Urban Industrial trend that is so hipp among us city kids.

This trend takes inspiration from former industrial spaces that have been converted to residential homes and business premises. Look at old harbours and see how developers are up doing the places. It’s pretty awesome! To get this style right (in developments) natural and raw materials, such as brick and concrete are left exposed, to give that edge many people are dreaming off.

But not to worry, just because you do not live in a factory conversion doesn’t mean your wishes go unanswered. You can still add the key elements to your home, and even a ‘clip-on’ brick wall feature if you want to. Modern techniques continue to impress me all the time!

The overall feel of urban industrial spaces are open and airy. Create this by having bare floors and minimal art on walls. Mix of old and new furniture pieces, pieces that have for example a weathered look on the metals and wood. Raw steel and black steel are the favored materials, that go from pipes as shelving brackets on to light fixtures.

You can ofcourse also add rich color hues to make the whole place pop and more modern. I mean afterall we want to feel that we do live in the present and somewhat modern right?

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