Part 1 Bedroom Revamp & Reveal: the Round UP

Hello everyone! It’s time to wrap this baby up and talk about it! If you have been following me along on Instagram over the last month you have seen that I did give our once boho bedroom a complete make over! From dark to bright and light! And the best part? I pretty much did all this for under 2500 kr (250 USD)!

Everything in the picture above and beyond are DIY jobs, so I will publish a small ‘how to’ series about all the bigger parts and DIY’s – the headboard, bedframe and dresser for our TV you can’t see here, bedside table, surfboarding pegboard shelving and sun-lamp. Easier! Scroll to the bottom to find all post’s linked up in a summary.

Before I give I start however, lets all look back to what our bedroom looked before.

It was pretty right? I thought so too, but there were elements in here that just did not work anymore, or were simply not well thought through a few years ago, when I started the house project. Here it is – I admit I made wrong choices! But thankfully everything is rectifiable. 

Let’ talk quickly about the problem areas:

1. The wooden palette headboard: First of all – if you do any indoor projects with wooden palettes. make sure you buy new ones and not 2nd hand from scrap yards. You just don’t know what they carried and what insects or oils are within. But that wasn’t the problem here, as we did buy new – BUT the dust guys, the dust. After putting it up a few years ago it became a constant struggle as it was so hard to reach behind. Not cool! So that had to change.

2. The dark wooden floor: Again super pretty but also again, the dust! Somehow I never realised how much you can see the slightest hint of dust on a dark floor. I vacuum cleaned almost every day, but still – constant dust. So that had to change too!

3. The bed/ mattress situation: Even before Emma was born, we sort of knew and planned that she’d be sleeping our bed – we never bought a baby crib. But I was naturally a bit afraid she’d roll out, so we bought a 2nd bed to push against ours, and eventually we removed the base from both – because Emmas started rolling around and out of the bed. Ooops & hello floorbed! This really was the best decision ever, if it wouldn’t have been for the mattresses that kept moving apart, leaving one of us (mainly me) in the gap. So now that Emma is older and not so tiny anymore I felt like it was time for a real bed anymore – only you can not buy 2.4m ones! So…I had to build one!

Phew…that was one good summary! How about we get started on a little to-do list?

This is what I wanted to achieve:

– new floor

– new headboard/ bed situation

– more bright and light appearance, somewhat desert inspired

– some smart bedside table for the hubby

– mood lightning & extra light sources in the room as we do not have a ceiling light (but fan) in this room

– update the tv dresser


The absolute first step was to take everything down, the headboard, empty the room, paint the walls back to white, scrub the floor, fill all the holes in the walls…

Returning To White Walls

 After I took  down the headboard I did not wait around for long until I started painting our gorgeous green wall, back to white. Serioulsy though, I do not enjoy painting large areas – in white! It is quite boring! Ha! But in the end something that just needs be done if you want to have a fresh new canvas. 

Flooring It

So the walls were freshened up and I needed to tackle the floor. Laying a completely new floor was out of the question (hello tiny budget), so I had to get a bit creative. Luckily I always liked the look of painted wood flooring, just never done it myself. So I went to my local paint shop to ask for advice – and you know what? They had just the right paint in, actually one my husband used years before to paint our indoor miniramp. The paint itself is designed for wooden floors with amazing durabilities in high traffic areas – excatly what I needed! I did test the paint on a left over plank, with prior sanding and without. The results on the non-sanded areas were just as good as the sanded ones – lucky for me, again. Because it means I didnt have to spent a considerable amount of time on my knees.

Overall I painted two thin coats with a roller brush, and two more with a normal whide brush, to get good coverage – each time with waiting for approximately two hours. The best part of this paint is really that it is not smelling like paint, and in return didn’t give me a headache.

Oh and incase you did not know yet, I went with a shade pink, called Barbie, which really sounds more pink than it is. 

This does make quite an impression, doesn’t it? 

The DIY Wooden Headboard Wall & Bedframe

In between hard labour of taking everything down and painting the walls and floor I also sketched up an idea of what kind of bedframe and headboard I wanted. I knew it should be would and loved seeing different ideas about how to apply wood slats to the wall, so I thought I am going to give this a try, as you see above. 

For the bedframe itself I wanted to have the same look and build something that blends in well to the wall. But I am going to stop here, because both DIY’s are fairly big so I wrote seperate post’s about how I went about. 

Part 2: The DIY Wooden Headboard

Part 3: The DIY Wood Bedframe

The Wall Mural

Ok ok this might have come to surprise for you, but I actually did plan on doing some sort of new painting, at the point of starting the process I just wasn’t exactly sure how or what. But here comes the fun part, I had a long list of paint colours already lined, inspired by the beautiful bedding from SAGE + CLARE I have in the shop.

Do you recognise some of the colours? 🙂

I painted everything by free hand, which was indeed a new experience and one I enjoyed very much. Who know’s maybe I continue this journey.

Pro tipp! I used IKEA’s kids brushes that cost only 20kr (2 USD). Honestly best brushes EVER!

The IKEA Rast Hack. Dresser turned TV stand!

You know I love a good IKEA hack, especially when the starting product cost’s only 299 kr (30 USD) and I have about two in the garage already!

I am talking about the very basic IKEA Rast dresser in untreated pinewood – perfect for customisation. 

But I am going to stop right here, because I wrote another blog post about it, talking in detail about all the steps I took – incase you want try it yourself

Part 4: The IKEA Rast hack. Dresser Turned TV stand!

Fun DIY Bedside Table, Surfboard Shelving & Light

I really had the work cut out for me, wanting to make as much custom shelving & details as possible. I added a click-in bedside table with wireless charging, a surfboard style pegboard shelving unit and made a lamp out of plywood that does look like the sun, coming up behind the mountains. 

Check all the links below for more in-detail descriptions and I how I made them.

Bedroom Revamp Part 5: The Bedside Click-In Table DIY

DIY Surfboard Peg Shelf

Last winter the hubby built another indoor ramp, from plywood, leading to having a huuuge amount of plywood leftovers. Hence this is what I used for all the shelving and light coming your way, right this moment. 

One of the larger pieces I wanted to transform into some kind of surfboard, with peg-wood style shelving & lamp.

Click below for a more detailed description:

Part 6: The DIY Surfboard Peg Shelf


We have this beautiful leather armchair opposite the bed, and I thought adding some unique and popping colour to its backdrop would really be a stunner

The DIY Plywood Sun Lamp

Right, if you read the Bedroom Revamp Part 2: The DIY Wooden Headboard post (or going to), than you will know that I added hidded mood lightning to the wooden backwall, but since I wanted more light, something subtle and fun I decided to build my own ‘sun’.

Read more here on how I put it together:

Part 7: The DIY Plywood Sun Lamp 

So now we are at the end of the bedroom revamp & reveal series, and I truly hope you enjoyed this whole process as much as I did AND love the outcome!

If you have any questions about any of the DIY’s, tools or what not, make sure to shoot me a message so I can help!

For now, find all the links to the DIY’s below & have fun reading them & maybe trying some yourself.

Part 1 Bedroom Revamp: The Round UP

Part 2 Bedroom Revamp: The DIY Wooden Headboard

Part 3 Bedroom Revamp: The DIY Wood Bedframe – The Simple Way

Part 4 Bedroom Revamp: The IKEA Rast Hack. Dresser turned TV stand!

Part 5 Bedroom Revamp: The Bedside Click-In Table DIY

Part 6 Bedroom Revamp & Reveal: DIY Surfboard Peg Shelf

Part 7 Bedroom Revamp & Reveal: The DIY Plywood Sun Lamp

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