Part 2 Bedroom Revamp & Reveal: the DIY Wooden Headboard

Hello & welcome to part 2 of my bedroom revamp series! How fun to have to come you alog and see how I built our wooden wall/ headboard! As usual, if you have any questions about anything I am showing you below, feel free to message me 🙂

First of all – I went out and bought some wood!

Part 1: The DIY Wooden Headboard

I am going to keep this really simple, because measurements and type of wood are very much up to you. But you will learn some simple tricks along the way. That’s a good deal, right?

So what do you need?

  • Wood of your choice. I used 5x 120mmx75mm + 26x 45mm x 45mm (1.7″) x 3.6m (141″) long lumber to cover the whole length of the half, and half-way up
  • Table saw to cut to measure
  • Drill & Nailgun
  • Level & Pencil
  • optional: LED light chain

Step #1: Install the back-frame

The first choice I had to make was, what was the smartest way to attach each horizontal piece of lumber to the wall. I obvisiouly wanted to minimise the damade to the actual wall. I opted for attaching 5 pieces over lumber vertical to the wall, as a sort of frame to hold later all horizontal slabs, evenly across the whole length.

Always making sure that the top each piece is level. Since our floor had a moulding, I started just above, as you can see in the image below.

Step #2: Attach the LED light chain

This was the same light chain we also used on our previous headboard, which I managed to take off very carefully and use again. I attached it very loosely around the beams and wall. 

Step #3: Start attaching your horizontal lumber pieces to the frame

You can see in the picture above that I sort of jumped the gun, and had already started attaching the horizontal pieces, when attaching the light chain. But I just couldn’t wait to see and test. Impatient and all.

To start my first few bottom rows, I had to make some adjustement to leave our electrical wall outlet exposed. You can see below the little ‘hole’ on the left hand bottom corner.

To make them fairly evenly spaced between each other, I used spacers. However said that, since the lumber pieces were rather long it was impossible to get it 100% accurate accross the whole length. But on closer inspection it looks good.

To attach each horizontal piece of lumber, I used my very handy nailgun to connect it securely to the back frame. Seriously – if you don’t own a nail gun yet, I strongly recommened putting it on your christmas wishlist – it is my favorite tool by far!

Step #4: Add a topshelf

This is a great way to cover the ‘hole’ that was created between wall + frame + horizontal wood wall, hides the light and gives you some some nice display options for art & the little things. 

So yes that was it already! Quite simple right?

Definitely can recommend. 

And since we are all loving great headboard ideas (that dont cost us an arm and a leg) you should check this blog post by Leigha, on where she shows you 25 geniuses ideas, on how you could transform your bed-head!

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Thanks for reading & have a great day!

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