Part 3 Bedroom Revamp & Reveal: the DIY Wood Bedframe – the Simple Way

Here we are again, today with our bedroom revamp series part 3! If you’ve read the part 2, where I talked about how I installed (very easily) the backwall, than this will be a fun addition for you. Same principles, just a little bit more of it. 

Right, if you have been following me along for a while, you will by now know that we have this huge family bed. When Emma was just born we ditched our bedframe, bought a second mattress and made a massive floorbed. 2.4m wide guys! Which is something about 8ft! Large eh? 

The problem? Well the mattresses kept sliding apart, and one of us (yes me) ended up in the gap more often than not. There are mattress connectors that work well for two singles that then can be covered with a sheet, but since ours is just too big it did not work very well, so that we needed another solutions. And since I planned a bedroom revmap anyyyyway, I thought why not build a bedframe that matches the backwall.

So what do you need?

  • Wood of your choice. I used the same as for wooden backwall/ headboard,  the frame is build from 45mm x 45mm (1.7″) lumber with 4 bigger pieces to support the inner frame and 3 additional pieces to stabilize the center, not to  forget the wood for the slats 
  • Table saw to cut to measure
  • Drill & Nailgun
  • Woodglue


First let me show you my sketch idea for the bedframe (easily done with SketchUp)

Step #1: Build the outer frame

To start with, I measured out how long each side of the bedframe should be to fit our two mattresses comfortably. Since I wanted to achieve the same looks as our backwall aka the headboard, I created wooden planks out of 6x 45mmx45mm lumber pieces. First I thought it be enough to glue them together – but if you followed along my stories during the process you know that it didn’t quite work. So I started with two pieces, glued them together and reeinforced it all with my beloved nailgun. I continued to attach the other 4 pieces the same way, one by one. 

I then clamped them together to make sure it could all dry up in a safe placement. I did not want the frame to pop apart after all.

Once I had all four pieces of the outside frame, I carried them into place and attached them to each other on the corners.

Step #2: Cut the inner-support pieces & add them to the inner frame

That was an easy and quick job! Let me show you my sketch again:

In the sketch above you can see that I coloured the different parts, in different colours – just to make it real simple. Because that is how we like it right?

So the red marked lumber pieces are approx. the half height of the actual frame and is attached to the innside with wood screws. This innerframe is the essential foundation for the wooden slats (in green), where the bed mattress will lay on later, to be later attached to. The yellow marked lumber pieces are just extra support for the wooden slats and mattress (remember how the bed is 2.4m wide?).

You can see in the picture above that I actually added a feet in the corner – but noticed pretty quickly that this was not necessary, so just skip it and have the lumber pieces ‘meet up with each other’.

Step #3: Add the wooden slats

Hey! Almost on the last step! Now it’s time to add the wooden slats for support of your mattresses. I attached each to the innerframe & middle support sections. Mind you could also make one giant wood slat by attaching each piece with fabric to each other, as you might have seen in commercial beds. 

Step #4: Test the frame!

Best part – and kind of a tad scary. But it’s time to test that your new frame really holds your bed. I definitely was a bit nervous haha! But all worked out well they did fit indeed!

Step #5: Stain your wood frame

Now that the bed was assembled it was time to stain the frame in a shade of your choice – even if you wouldn’t want to actually stain the wood, I would still recommened that you at least give the wood a coat of varnish to protect it from the elements (water/ spills…you name it).

Just a quick side note, you should at this point have sanded the wood smooth already – preferably before you assemble the bedframe, as it’ll get dusty. Ideally, after adding the first coat of varnish or stain, you should sand it lightly again before adding the 2nd coat. Just to make sure it penetrates the wood and offers protection for the time to come. 

So and this is it! An easy bedframe that cost me less than 1000kr (100USD). Pretty neat if you ask me! Then I just added some of favorite bedding from the shop, painted a wall mural – and voila!

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Thanks for reading & following along! 

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