Part 7 Bedroom Revamp & Reveal: the DIY Plywood Sun Lamp

Right, if you read the Bedroom Revamp Part 2: The DIY Wooden Headboard post (or going to), than you will know that I added hidden mood lightning to the wooden backwall, but since I wanted more light, something subtle and fun I decided to build my own ‘sun’.

What do you need for this project?

– wood of your choice

– jigsaw

– wood glue

– wood balls

– paint

– LED light strip


Step #1: Cut The Circles

To start of, I cut a large plywood circle, approx 40cm (approx 16″) in diameter, and too smaller circles, approx half the size. In the sketch below you can see the backside of the circle lamp, with the two smaller circles glued to the bigger one.

Step #2: Attach The LED Light Strip To The Back

I bought a 2m ish long LED light strip that had double sided tape already attached to it, this made it easy to just wrap it around the two smaller circles on the back, with the cable hanging out the bottom, leading to the adapater and power outlet.

Step #3: Attach the Wall Hook

Since this home made lamp did not have exactly a great way of hanging it on the wall, I build some sort of wall hook that click into each other. One piece on the actual back of the lamp and the other on the wall.

See my sketch below for clarification:

Step #4: Attach The Wooden Balls For Some Interesting Feature

This idea I got from my good friend Racheal over at @banyanbridges who recently used this method to revamp some lamps! Awesome idea!

I sanded one side flat of the balls to have a good surface to glue them onto the front side of the large circle. 

Step #5: Paint & Test

It’s a sun so it had to be yellow! No brainer there 😉

I then went ahead and tested the whole shebang, and completely loved the result. Such an easy feature for next to know money. Double win!

Hope you enjoyed this one, as much as I do!

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