Simple DIY Wall Mounted Laundry Drying Rack

Ever since publishing my blog post about our new laundry room reveal & cleaning hacks, I received so many questions about our wall mounted drying racks and if they are bought. But since they aren’t bought, but made by me – I thought it’d be great to give you all a quick run down, in case you want to build your own.

Materials & Tools you need:

  • Lumber cut to your desired measurements (either store bought or cut them down with a saw)
  • Wire or solid pins (I did not use wood for this as I was worried that wet clothes will eventually cause the wood to deteriorate)
  • chains & 4 hooks to hold the inner frame in the position you desire
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill
  • Screws & plugs if you’re wall needs them
  • Level
  • Wooden plug

How to?

The drying rack itself consists of two parts – the outer and inner frame. The outer frame is attached securely to our wall, whereas the inner frame is attached to the outer frame with wooden plugs at the bottom and chains and hooks at the top, enabling free lateral movement. 

Step 1 is to build the outer frame, which consists of four pieces of lumber, two short and 2 long pieces (this obliviously depends on the size and design you are going for)  and one back piece. The back is attached to my upper part of the outer frame to be able to secure it to the wall.

In the bottom of the outer frame, I drilled a hole on each of the vertical sides, to fit a wooden plug through, to attach the inner frame to later. 


Step 2, build the inner frame, smaller than the outer, to be able to fit in. My longer pieces, which are facing each other vertically, have drilled holes in the be able to thread the wire through. I suggest to drill the holes prior to putting the inner frame together, as you can drill through both pieces at the same time. 

Don’t forget to also add the two holes at the bottom of the inner frame, to fit the wooden plug, which attaches the inner to the out frame. 

Step 3, thread the wire fairly firm through the pre-drilled holes. 

Step 4, attach the chains with the help of hooks to the left and right corner of the upper outer frame, and the other two hooks to the upper part of the inner frame. 


Step 5, insert the inner to the outer frame, secure it with the wooden plugs at the bottom and chains at the top.

Voila! You got yourself a drying rack! We are really loving it as it keeps the floor empty. It overall does feel more spacious and I can only recommend having your own. 

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