Summer Home Tour: Peep My Pad

A lot has happened since I gave you last a full view into our home, so that’s why I am super thrilled to be part of this amazing Summer Home Tour feature with a whole bunch of other ladies that rock! Make sure to check out all the other 21 (!!!) wonderful homes that I have linked through for you at the bottom of this post, and that will publish their fab home tours over the course of the week.

On To Our Home!

Many of you don’t know, but our house is built on souterain, meaing of if is buried in rock & technically underground. Our main living space is on the top floor that also lead out on to our patio and garden.

Let’s start on the entry & ground level!

Of our main entry we have small hallways with build in wardrobes and show storage. I am planning a making over here soon! Son sort of visual upgrade one might call it!


Off this little entry nook, we have our downstairs lounge/ study leading off from. To make it functional yet fun, I decided at the beginning of the year add this fun & easy appliable stick & peel wallpaper from COLRAY (find my wallpaper here). It really made it pop! The sofa is sleeping one that can be easily changed into a bed if need arises and the secretar is a vintage find, I got from my mom for my birthday!

Of the downstairs lounge we have several rooms leading off. For one there is Calle’s bed room & ramp room, that I completely overhauled last fall with some touches of paint, lights & new furniture. Yupp the whole gaming thing took on a new level, and the mister needed more work space.

The latest addition to his room is this fun decal “Wake Up. Kick Ass. Repeat.” from Studio Picco – because who doesn’t need some extra motivation in the morning or whilst stewing over homework.

The ramp room! Oh how many questions have I gotten about this one. I can not claim ownership for this brilliant built, because with ramps it really is all about precision. My husband built this for Calle when he was about four years old. Watch the short & fun Youtube clip to see how you can build one for yourself.

Now we use it as Emma’s personal “trainings facility” lol. No but she really does love rolling on the skate or using the ramp as a slide! 

Watch the video here.

Since Calle is lucky boy, he even has his own bathroom on this level! No sharing or having to wait here. This bathroom is actually a fairly recent addition to the house, in comparison to our famil bathroom upstairs, which dates back to the 80’s. And no I wasn’t around when it was built, or otherwise I might have had a saying in choosing some more colourful tiles. Neverless – we can always add a pop with accessories.

On to our landing & staircase! Oh there is so much I want to change, the steps for example, but since seems like a BIG job, I opted for the colour-blocking option for now. And oh boy! That colour-blocking is stretched out throughout our living space on the upper the floor, with various gallerywalls in the mix.

I get asked a lot about all the skateboard we have hanging throughout our house, and yes we do skate, all of us, even Emma by now. Most of them are from friends who made their own models and signed them for us, or nice models my husband liked and picked up on travels. We always joke that if we run out of money and can’t buy new boards we have to start taking them of the walls.

Ok after those pictures you probably noticed that we have a lot of toy storage! Funnily enough, the other day I actually said to my husband that I wouldn’t know what to put in all the shelves, if it wasn’t for Emma’s toys! I guess I would need to get more things?

Of the upper living space we have two bedrooms, a family bathroom and our kitchen leading of from.

Our family bathroom is an original from the early 80’s! And because full & complex bathroom renovations are expensive, I opted once again for cosmetic updates with paint, new textiles & decor and my recently added wooden bathtub front. Now I just want to add more and more plants to make it our own little jungle.

On to the most colourful room in the house! Emma’s playroom (yes she doesn’t sleep in here yet) is by far the most happy space. I made it my personal mission to create a happy space she can grow in. From the DIY house headboard to the comic collage wall, it’s all personal and very much her – a bit quirky, with a tad of cuteness overload and fun!

Our bedroom on the other hand is somewhat calm and a bit boho inspired. Ofcourse equipped with the beautiful bedding from Sage x Clare, which I recently started selling in Europe. But because I can not stit still (after a bathroom reno & kitchen update) I am already planning something new for this space. But for now it is our heaven & place to relax in.

Are you missing a room here? Yes I thought so – kept the best for the almost end. Ofcourse – it’s the PINK KITCHEN. It’s been a ride and a half with this one, starting also out as an 80’s original in white on white, that received it’s first facelift last year and update this. You can read all about here on my latest and most comprehensive post about what I did and how.

I thought I am going to finish of this home tour with some pictures from our outdoor space & the pool! Our kitchen leads straight onto the terrace that in turn leads to the pool and our terrace and lounge area.

The pool itself is soley for skating, is however connected to the pump system. You know just incase. We love our backyard and love inviting friends for skate & BBQ’s – I mean there isn’t anyting better than enjoying your home with friend, right?

I now hope you enjoyed this little view into our home and may even have gotten some inspírations for yourself.

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