The DIY Wardrobe Door Refresh

Did you see me last month working away in Emma’s room, to update her 80’s, white and boring wardrobe doors? It came with the house and is an original 80’s feature. Removing it would mean to lay new floors and drywall, and well that’s just too big of a job at the moment. 

So I opted (as usual) for a fun & playful, budget friendly update to her doors, by adding a profile, painting them, changing nobs and giving the interior a quick update. If you want to know how I did this all in 2 days (you could easily do it in one day, back to back), keep on reading. 

I would love to show you a before picture, but I always tend to focus away from the doors, as they were so bland. If you however watch the video below, you will see them in it’s full glory.

So what do you need to turn in from boring and white to fun and new? 

– Woodstrips or dots/ depending on what look you want to achieve

– Wood glue (I used ‘No Nails’ which worked ok with some patience)

– Nailgun (just to be save)

– Measuringstick/ band & pen

– Painters tape

– Hand or Table saw

– Doorknobs

– Paint

Step #1 Decide on a pattern

There are so many different ideas swirling out on Pinterest, that you literally could go bananas with all the options. Just type in ‘wardrobe door makeover’ and you can see for youself. 

I had two doors that are both open to the right, so a connecting pattern may not have been as impactful. I ulitmately decided for a two-way design, making it more playful – we are in a kidsroom after all. For one side I wanted striped feature, sort of looking like sun rays and for the other I opted for dots. Yupp dots!

Step #2 Create your pattern

For pattern 1, the rays, I purchased a bunch of wood stripes (you can also use mdf or similiar – something with a raised profile). To get the pattern right and dimension to fit the door, I used painter tape to prepare my pattern (you can see the details in the video below).

For pattern 2, the dots, I just went bananas and added them randomly. For this I bought (and already had some leftover) wooden plugs.

Step #3 Apply the pattern

For pattern 1, I used the pattern I created with help of the painters tape to take down measurments of each individual wood strip, which I then cut my hand in the right length and angle. 

For pattern 2, as said above – random application.

To apply both option I used a ‘no more nail type of glue that promised quick results. And it did – sort of – if you have a lot of strength in your arms to hold the pressure for a while. I made use of some clamps to hold the strips in place after applying them to the door. Overall I only had to use my nail gun once for extra security on the longest piece. 

Step #4 Paint the doors & change the door knobs

I had some left over paint from other projects around the house and used that to paint the dresser inside Emma’s wardrobe and the doors itself. A nice blushy type of pink we love so much in this house. Three layers and I was done!

To finish it off, I  changed the doors knobs to two brass once, I had still on reserve. 

Step #5 Fix your interior

Since this wardrobe this built in wardrobe original to the house, and oooold, I can not find any ready-to-buy interior fittings for it anymore. I made use of what we had, reshuffled a few shelves and baskets, added a custom painted dresser and bought baskets, which I painted a few of. 

That dresser was a thriftstore find for 100 Sek ($10) which I painted in the same colour as the doors and added new handknobs to, as well. Super cute in my opinion!

 And that was it! Not too bad of a result for 1-2 days job. Emma was surprised and does love it. I figure the dots can be used to practise counting too! And no she has so far not tried to use the door as a climbing wall ha!

Apologies for the format of the video below, but it was originally created as IGTV.

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