The Fridge that Makes Kitchen Tasks Fun Again: Welcome Home Samsung Fr

You know that I love a good kitchen upgrade, and usually they are fairly budget – but you know what’s not budget? The gorgeous and smart designed RFG23 French Door Fridge and Freezer (with a whopping 520l volume) from Samsung’s home appliance range. I am so excited that Samsung decided to partner up with me* to tell you all about the features and little details that are so well thought through – but before that, let’s just be in awe for another moment. 

Ok got it. The side-by-side fridge freezer combination we had before was good, but so bulky, wide and definitely not as smart organised on the inside, so when Samsung reached out to ask if I want to partner up and replace our existant appliance with one of theirs, I was OVER the moon. (But hey it was fun to did a little DIY prior the other. On that note, chalkpaint does not work that great on metal if you don’t prime it first ?)

Back to the shiny new fridge! You know how we love America? And how I‘m everything a little bit jealous of their cool double door solutions. And now we are the proud owner of one too, in stainless steel of all the kings of finishes.

The design is so elegant that I first wasn’t sure if it would work for our somewhat quirky kitchen, but I was wrong, simply because we all deserve some luxury in our lifes. 

And my favorite part? It has a water and ice machine that sits on the outside of the refrigerator! You don’t even have to open the door to go for water, ice cubes and crushed ice – hello summer & iced coffee! 

The european version of the french door fridge/ freezer combination is slightly smaller than its american counterpart, but still holds 520l of groceries! The Samsung fridge gives me plenty of space and an unmatched overview of my shopping, and it’s walls are so thin that the volume not only provides us with more space, but also better options for organising it. Double win for sharp look & design!


I am not going to list ALL the cool features our new fridge/ freezer has but I am definitely feeling like I am winning at being an adult, simply the by fact that this model has humidity control in their vegetable & fruit drawers, as well as a seperate Pantry drawer with it’s own temperature control. 

(But hey, you can read about ALL the features here)

You probably noticed already the somehwhat unusual feature of the the freezer drawer and I thought I am not going to show Emma how easily this one opens, because you guessed it – we have Ice Cream in there. But it did not take 24hours before she figured it out and had her hands in the ‘candy drawer’.

It’s goign to be a challenge to keep her out of that! But at the same time it’s so amazing to see just how independent she became in such a short time. Because the doors and drawers do open with such an ease, she now can help to take things out the fridge and put them back. You want more proof?


Win win & teach them young to help, right?

For me personally, having a new appliance like this one means that my life is made 99% easier, simply because I now got a great overview of what we have, what we need and actual space to stock up on food, on a weekly basis. I love planning ahead what our family is eating – it saves time and money, which in turn can be spend on more fun things.

Are you meal planning or deciding on a day to day basis?

Picture me below planning ahead the feasts for the week & weekend.

Another GREAT thing about the size of this fridge/ freezer is that I can finally fit a whole cake in there. Yupp you read right. I love to bake but until now always had troubles fitting the cake form in to make said cake last. Not any longer – I can probably now fit in four cakes if I wanted to haha.

Incase you didn’t know we love cake around here.

IRight that was it, me going on and on about how happy we (yes we, even the husband agreed that this fridge is FUN) are. If you want to find more out about how we get on with our fridge from Samsung send me message – I am happy to answer all your questions.

We are going to eat some cake now!

But I do urge you to look up Samsungs home appliances if you are in the market for a new one. They are gorgeous. 

*This blog post is part of a sponsored partnership with Samsung Home Appliances

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