The One Where I Painted Our Bathroom Tiles Green & Reviewed It

So nearly two years ago I had this brilliant idea to paint change our dated blue tiled bathroom on a tiny budget. When I say tiny, I mean it, like you know a bucket of paint – that tiny.

Since then many have asked how that job is actually holding up, which made me think that I probably should give it a bit of a review. 

First let’s look at what I started with! Like I said, it was very blue and even thought many have since said that they actually liked it – I just didn’t. And you know how it goes once you have made your mind up, right?

First you have to know that I did not use dedicated tile paint but what is called “wet room” paint. It’s a type of latex paint that should be used on drywall/ walls in areas that experiences dampness and literally water, for example bath & laundry rooms. Another option would have been using a primer, which I didn’t either. Oh boy have I learned much in the last two years ?

What I did do however, was scrubbing the tiles down to get every bit of dirt off before starting the painting venture. After that I went ahead and treated it like any other surface and just painted away.


And now the burning question, how is it holding up and do I regret it?

I can happily report that it is holding up quite good considering! So far I have done two touch up rounds on high traffic areas in the bathroom, around the toilet and where I scrapped the paint off by accident with the vacuum cleaner. But hey, remember how this was super budget and the tiles old?  ? 

If you want to learn more about how I did our wooden bath tub front you should check out this blog post

What would I do different the next time?

For one I would at least use a primer to make the top coat stick more. But I am currently sassing out a new project that will involve dedicated paint for tiles and I am quite excited to test it out and be able to compare the differences. 

My tipp for you is if you plan on painting any tiles, test on a small area, test how easily it comes off after painting (you know imagine scrubbing that area with soap), consult a professional paint shop and last but not least acknowledge that this will always be a DIY. I am for my part are certainly ok with that ?

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