The Pink Kitchen 2.0 – Here We Go Again!

If you have been following me along on Instagram, you know that I have started to update our kitchen, yes the pink kitchen once again! You wonder why? Well, firstly because I just love adding new touches to our home and keeping it interesting, and secondly because it is needed.

In my blog post ‘How To DIY Yourself A Pink Kitchen’ , I talked and walked you through all the steps on how I updated our old kitchen to the pink stunner it became. I used chalk paint, painted and stenciled backsplash tiles and changed the look of our countertop. But since this room is the one we are always all are using, as family and entertaining space, wear and tear was showing, and I had to admit that my previous choices in material may not have been the smartest ones. Don’t get me wrong, the tiles for example held up great and so did the majority of the cabinetry work, but the countertop turned into a disaster with chipping and all. Plus this was a good excuse to cure my ‘reno-bug’ that comes along every so often.

So I sat down over a few weeks and planned the update. Yes, this is also ‘only’ going to be an update. A little throw back to how it came all about. Two years ago we decided that we want to do a full-blown renovation on our 1980’s kitchen, we set a budget asside and started the planning process. In the midst of it all however, I decided to start my own business, meaning leaving my regular income. With the prospect of uncertainty we decided to hold of on the complete renovation (you know new floors, cabinets, appliances) and only do cosmetic touch up’s. And boy am I glad we did! This whole experience was so rewarding that I decided to do it all again! Plus not to mention the tremendous amount of support I received from you guys! Messages like “I had no idea what was possible” to “Thank you so much for this inspiration, I just bought my tile stencil and will get going next week” are such an encouragment that I happily continue putting a full-reno off and show you once again what one can do on a small budget!


Ok let me show you my design draft I came up with and let me talk you through the each part and products choosen.

First of all the colour decision!

I was playing with the thought of not having a pink kitchen anymore, but changing all the cabinety work to a dark green. And even though I absolutely adore those green shades in my shortlist below, I just could not imagine not having a pink kitchen.

After that question was settled it was all about WHICH shade should I pick? The old pink kitchen was and old fashion, kitsch type of shade. For the new version, I knew I wanted to have something more fresh and modern.

I ended up buying 5 differednt test pots of paint from Alcro Paint, in the shades 1-3 to the right. And after back and forth testing, I ended up mixing my own shade of pink. If you attempt doing this I strongly recommend to measure exactly how much paint of each shade you use (in grams or your equivalent unit) incase you ever have to reproduce it.

Ok got that? Good!


The Backsplash

Once the main colour for the cabintes was picked, I knew that I still wanted to add some green! So I decided to simply add a new backsplash in a lush emerald with a fun pattern to keep it interesting. These beautiful tiles were kindly sponsored by Marrakech Design, a small business located on the west coast of Sweden, specialising in the most unique and stunning tiles I have accross, inspired by tradtional marrocan tiles, updated with contemporary design details. All tiles are handmade – that alone is hugely impressive.

You can find the tiles I choose here.

Stay tuned for the post on how to put up tiles easy, with little tips and tricks on the side.

Pink Op 1.JPG IMG_0575.JPG

Next: The cabinet doors!

In the previous update, I only painted the bottom cabinets with chalk paint and left the upper ones white. This time around I decided to buy new doors. First of all could I choose a sleep slab option and second – new doors are just soo much easier to paint. Not much pre-work needed. Thanks to IKEA I was able to snatch up new doors for between 59 – 169 SEK ($6-$15).

But I only purchased ready made slab doors for the lower cabinets. The upper ones I made pretty much from scratch, as I wanted them to be natural wood with a cane backing. I will be posting a ‘DIY Rattan Door’ post soon, to give you all a glimpse on what is needed.

Update: Here is the tutorial for the DIY Rattan Cabinet Doors.

See my mood board sketch to the right to get the full impression. You liking what you are seeing so far? Great! It’s about to get even better!


The Countertop Refresh!

I mentioned above that our countertop transformation from the first time around just did not hold up well. Which is not surprising, since I only painted it with regualr woodwork paint and added a coat of sealer on the top. Yes I know, amateur job! But the real nice products, such a Rust Oleum’s Countertop Paint or Transformation Kit is not available in Sweden, so I figured to give it a go anyway. It did not work. This time however I did a lot of research into what to do to our old laminated and tired work top. One treatment I came across was on Tasha’s blog DesignerTrapped: ‘DIY Vanity Makeover: Concrete Overlay’. I was hooked! I wanted that look! Making a real concrete countertop was out of question because we have no way of removing the old one, so doing an overlay seemed like a heaven sent gift. Reality kicked in quickly, when realising that all products recommened by Tasha, and others was not available to the swedish market. Believe me, I checked, called stored and distributors and pestered Homedepot about sending me some. To no avail.


That is why I was absolutely thrilled when I came accross an even better solution an product! Mikrozement! The upgraded swedish brother to a cement overlay. Why upgraded? Because it’s a mix of 3 components + sealer, garantueeing excellent adhesiveness to almost all surfaces – yes also laminated surfaces! And counterops are not the only object you can use this on. Stairs, furniture pieces and floors are also great surfaces to update with this kind of material.

The company I am working with on this is Design By Cement, a forerunner in the swedish interior market, adding that urban touch to peoples homes. They agreed to sponsor me on this venture by supplying their Betonggrå complete kit for my countertop transformation. I am super excited to start this job, as it is something I haven’t attempted before. Again, stay put for the ‘How To’ coming within the next two weeks.


Over the next week or so I will be adding more posts on the individual steps and DIY’s done on the way, for now I thought however I am going to share some progress pictures with you.


See the products I use below:

Ikea Door.JPG

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