20 Minute DIY – Built Your Own Wooden Penholder


I had some spare time today and remembered how I wanted to buy a pen/crayon holder/ can/ glass type thing. But I forgot! So I had a quick thought and remembered all the wood we still had in the garage from building the bathtub front, and decided to make my own. Not gonna lie, this one is totally Jojo Gaines inspired!

DIY Wooden Penholder Step #1

Things you need: 

  • a square ish piece of wood

  • powerdrill and Forstner drill bit

  • meaeuring stick

  • woodworking clamps


DIY Wooden Penholder Step #2

Measure the hole positions out

You can ofcourse go all hawaii and don’t measure. But for a neat look, I’d suggest you do. This also will help you to find the placement position for your Forstner drill bit so you don’t break through the walls.


DIY Wooden Penholder Step #3

Drill some holes!

Now that you’ve measured it all out, it’s time to drill some holes. This requires some arm strength to get it all even and nice. Watch out not to break through the bottom!


DIY Wooden Penholder Step #4

Do some sanding

This basically just helps to get rid of any sharp edges or wood splinters and prepares of any treatment you might want to add.

(see the next step)


DIY Wooden Penholder Step #5


This step is obviously completely up to you! You can paint it different colours, stain it, leave it natural or just add a protective oil as I did.  I like my natural look so I just opted for my good old friend the Osmon hardvax oilja.


Then I let stand out to dry off, and voila we got ourselves a nice little Penholder! 20 minutes or less if we don’t include the drying time 😉

IMG_2885.JPG IMG_2887.JPG IMG_2888.JPG


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