A Colourful DIY Tablecloth Lampshade

Hi color lovers! How is your summer going?

I’ve spent so much time revamping our terrace/ patio that I had to include this super fun & relatively quick DIY on our new lampshade. It’s a bit later than I thought, but better late than never right?

So how did this idea come to life? Well I had left over materials from a wall hanger I made for our staircase. And since I am all about colour this was the perfect opportunity.

Materials needed:

  • disposable table cloth in different colours (although I do believe this would also make a fun lampshade if you use cotton threads)
  • Lampshade frame; I picked mine up at Facebook marketplace for like 10kr (1€/$1)
  • Scissors

My lampshade frame has two wire circles within in each other, which make for fun tiers. A single one would also work – and if you’re really into DIY you could even make the wire frame yourself ?

Step one is to cut strips of the tablecloth, unfold those, cut to the desired length and separate the different layers. My table clothes was layered four times, giving me a lot of material to give the lampshade some volume. 

After you separated the tablecloth strips you can start adding them to the wire frame. I attached them loops upside down. 

You simply take one strip, fold it in half and pull both loose ends through the loop created at the top.

At this point I didn’t pay a lot of attention to lengths – as I fixed them at the end.

 The colour combinations are of course entirely up to you my friends. I opted for all the colours I simply had left over, arranged in colour blocks.

I love how the strips are floating about in the wind ?

When I attached all table cloth strips, I took the scissor to them to cut the two tiers to 2 separate lengths.

And this created a whole different type of mess, but hey nothing like a lot of colourful scraps. 

Anyway, after a quick clean up, the lampshade is ready to go – simply add a bulb (LED is best to the plastic table cloth).

Have fun making your own!

All the love xx


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