A Love Affair with Moroccan Rugs


If you have been on socia media yesterday, you most likley have seen the mentioning of World Earth Day, a day dedicated to make people around the world aware of the impact, we as a human race have on the earth. The Earth Day Network is devoted to solve climate change, to end plastic pollution, to protect endangered species, as well as educate and widen it’s reach globally. So I thought this occassion is fitting quite well to talk to you about one small change we all can make, buy purchasing vintage, natural fiber and even handmade rugs. Rugs have made the “rooms” and homes for many centuries, first out of necessity to keep warmth and then as well as to decorate and add individuality to homes.

I was lucky enought to meet Yassine, who sent me a rug for Emma’s room from her business “Art Moroccan Berber” straight out of the heart of rug heaven – Morocco. As her shop name and location suggests, she has specialised in sourcing and selling moroccan rugs to customers all over the world to continue the history of vintage as well as newer rugs. She started her business in 2010 and took it to the international market in 2017 – which I believe could not come soon enough. Moroccan rugs have somewhat made a huge come back and impact on western homes, with their unique styles and soft materials. Yassine agrees that moroccan rugs are known throughout the world because of their colorful and bohemian style, and people are simply becoming for aware of cherishingas natural materials .

The rug I received features a beautiful shade of magenta and blue, woven into a pattern on a neutral background. The rug itself is said to be 30-40 years old, and has its origin in the Atlas Mountain range. Let me tell you, you do not see that this rug has that type of age on its shoulders. It continues to be soft to touch and remarkbly well cared for – just another testament to the craftmanship going into these products.


Althought manufacturing as such has moved on in time, and many are now developed by machines and even with artificial fibers, Yassine focuses on sourcing vintage and handmade rugs, made by women in the Atlas mountain range of Morocco, who give each rug their authentic touch of colour, by expressing their vision and feelings in the designs. Her personal favourite type of rugs – and I am right with her on that, are the ones with random colour and patterns, that most common in the Azilal and Talsint rugs.

By now Yassine, has a team of people helping her to source her rugs directly in the mountains, which are often in difficult to reach and remote locations, transport them back to Marrakech, where Art Moroccan Rugs has its location, and start the cleaning and repair process, that is a craft in it self. As I mentioned above, I can not see the age on the rug I received.

art moroccan rug kids room design

The next time you are on the hunt of a new rug or runner for your home, or even client, I want you to think about the the impact your choices can have. Most rugs that you purchase at you rocal retailer comes from large manufacturing plants, made from synthetic fibers that are ulitmately impacting our environment. To this adds that these rugs do usually come at a fairly low price points, which enables us to second guess, remove and buy new. Great for the retailer in question, but not great for us, as more rugs end up in landfills and contribute to the already heavy burden we have on our generations shoulders. Now I am not saying that it is all bad, and you shouldn’t purchase from Ikea or Target – I mean have natural fiber rugs from Ikea and love them, but I want you to simply include the option of buying vintage and second hand, especially if those mean supporting artesian craftmen(women)ship and giving existing rugs a new purpose and extension of life.

And as first point of contact, I can only recommend you to hop over to Yassin’s store and have a look around the remarkable reasonable priced rugs, pillows and accessories she has sourced for you.

I know that I will be back for sure!

Rug Moroccan . Vintage Azilal Rug Hand Woven by Berber /Berber Carpets
Vintage Azilal Rug
Vintage Boucherouite Rug
Vintage Azilal Rug
intage Azilal Rug
Vintage Handmade Rug Wool Carpet
Vintage Handmade Rug Wool Carpet
Vintage Beniourain Rug Hand Woven by Berber /Berber Carpets
Vintage Azilal Rug

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