Another DIY Kids Play Tent – a Simple 30 Minute Job

You guys must know by now that I have a deep love for all things tent related. In fact this is probably the fourth play tent/ house up here ? But this one was easy – so easy, no sew only a bit of sawing and fixing together with screws and voila! Another playful tent perfect to give some shade during the summer!

What do you need?

– 3 long triangular wooden slats (lumber pieces)

– 5 short flat wooden slats

– fabric to cover the tent

– saw + drill + screws

– staple gun 

Step #1 – Saw or buy wood pieces ready cut

To be honest I only used the triangular wood pieces because I had them left over from our DIY coffee table, but I found them working so well as they really delivered some solid stability with their 45 degree corner. That said, they are also the reading why the tent is rather low but wide. 

Step #2 – Assemble the structure 

So I used 3 long triangular pieces, lined up Parzelle and then cut 4 short pieces that make up the roof line. Those are flat and lie perfectly on the triangular ones. The 5th piece of a the one giving extra stability to the tent, by connecting left and ride tent wall. 

Step #3 – Fabric 

I went to IKEA and got 2 meters of a fun summer print for this project. I started by wrapping it on the inside of the bottom triangular parallel piece and secured it with a staple gun. I went the whole and also gave it an extra row of tags along the bottom.

Then draw the fabric over the top, keep it relatively tight and repeat the staple gun process on the opposite side.

Step #4 – Furnish and play hard!

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