Create a Gallerywall in 5 Simple Steps!

I get asked a lot about our gallerywall in the house and I thought I am going to put it to ‘paper’ in ad partnership with Desenio on how to create a fun, interesting and compelling gallerywall for your home.

Step #1 Decide on the space

When wanting to add a gallerywall, make sure you select a space in your home or office that is large enough to house a few prints, in the same or different sizes. I personally love looking at our’s in the living room as it’s a real conversation starter and focal point. Before I also had a gallerywall on our staircase wall, a place we pass daily and is perfect for an eclectic collection of prints & posters.

Step #2 Theme or no theme?

Personally, I am not into themes in gallerywalls as I find them a bit monotone, I rather think of a rough colour palette that goes with the rest of the space it is in. 

You can see in my gallerywall that there is mixed media, from prints to photography, illustrations and other art pieces. Desenio makes it easy to navigate between illustrations, iconic photography or botanical prints. I personally love using the colour filter to see everything in the main colours I want gallerywall to be in. Sorry I am shallow like that ?

(Golden Leaves poster from Desenio)

When I plan a gallerywall from scratch for clients I like to make a little mood board to really get the right vibe and add some of their personal pieces into the mix, like original art or photography.

(Posters and prints from Desenio, left to right, top to bottom: Abstract No 1Golden Leaves, Woman with Hoop Earrings, Lavendula No 2)

Step #3 Framing

I am big fan of mixing frame materials, sizes and colour. Places like Desenio make it easy as you can purchase a print or poster and the frame in one go – less hustling around for you. 

Step #4 Preparation & Placement

A while back I uploaded an IGTV video to my Instagram where I showed you how I prepare and decide for a bigger gallery wall, without having a million holes in the wall. First I lay out all gallerywall pieces out on the floor and arrange them roughly by colour composition and style.

Tip on the side: start with laying the bigger ones out first.

Then I use old newspapers to make templates for each piece. On each template I also make a mark where the nail ultimately has to enter the wall. These templates I use then (with masking tape) to bring up on the wall and decide, about height and placement of each piece. There is no right or wrong when it comes to height, some say the centre of an artwork should be at eye level, but the moment you and your partner for example differ greatly in size this rule goes out the window. Instead think more about the placement of the gallerywall itself – is it above a sideboard? A whole wall, from top to bottom, or above the sofa? 

Working with templates, before committing to a hole in the wall, helps massively at this point. 

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If you followed me along in my stories you’ve seen that I updated one of our walls with a fresh coat of paint. Today I added a new gallery wall to the mix, to make it all feel fresh! Gallery wall’s can be daunting if you want to make sure everything is evenly spaced out and in line, so I made a short video for you to follow along. Things you need: ✅ paper/ newspaper or similar ✅ painters tape & scissor ✅ measuring stick & pen ✅ level ✅ nails & a hammer (or piece of wood ?) Extra tip: always measure where the hanging mount is on your picture frame in relation to the frame. . . #crashbangcolour #colorismyjam #ihavethisthingwithcolor #boldbohemians #thenewbohemians #heyhomehey #myhomevibe #thenewbohemians #kleinerfeinerfeed #eclecticdecor #diycoffeetable #apartmenttherapy #cornerofmyhome #homesohard #wohnklamotte #rumhemma #printspatternstexturesohmy #theeverygirlathome #howicolor #lovewhereyoudwell #moreismoredecor #sassyhomestyle #livingroomdecor #wallmural #myhousejournal #inmydomaine #stellarspaces

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Step #5 Hang ’em up!

I am an old school kinda gal and use nails! But there are other great options, such a command strips or dedicated Picture hangers, ultimately it depends on the type of walls you are dealing with. If you for example have concrete walls, you will not get with your nails so it’s worth checking out command strips. 

Voila! You just created your own gallery wall that’s rocking!

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