DIY Bottle Brush Trees Made from Wool

So here are some news for you! I love those cute bottle brush trees everyone is putting up and I have since last year tried, with no success, to find a nice range in local shops. So this year I decided to make my own – I mean it should be possible, is what I thought. Guess what? There is actually a way, a super affordable and easy way, with that. Ok no long pre-story, I am just gonna get right to it.

So what do you need for this quick & easy DIY?

  • Wool (Yarn)
  • Wire
  • 2 Clothespins
  • a Base (I used cut off’s from a wooden stem)
  • Glue Gun (if you want to glue the tree to a base)

The materials seem pretty straight forward right? Some wool and wire and everything else can be replaced or substituted (now I sound like a baker).

Step #1 – Cut the Wire

Cut two pieces of wire, at roughly the same length. I doubled mine up to give them a bit more strength – it all depends on what kind of wire you are using. 

Step #2 – Tie the Wire to the Clothespins

Easiest way to that is to twist both ends of the wire with the other, and than attached them with another twist to the clothespin. At the end, you should hold two clothespins in your hands with metal loop/ sling in the middle. 

Step #3 – Cut the Wool

This part depends largely on what kind of wool you are using. For the first few trees I used a very loosely woven type wool, that wasn’t actually yarn or felt textile yet, so all I had to do what flatten out the fibers, layers up a few of them and smooth them out. 

The next try (the one you can see here) was made with a wool yarn, I had to cut a few more strips and again, smooth them out with my fingers, loosen some of the fibers. 

In the first image you can see what the wool looked like, when I just rolled it out, and in the second when I laid them out flat. 

Step #4 – Twist It!

You are nearly there! You place now the flat wool (package – because it kinda looks like one), in the wire loop, press it down, and start twisting it. Twist, twist, twist! If the wire is a tad too loose, it helps if you hold the ends, where the wool finishes in the loop, also while twisting.

At the end you have something that could resemble a tree, with some fantasy.

Step #5 – Brush It!

Now give you bushel of wool a good but gentle brush. I used a hair dressing comb, to be sure I don’t pull out too many fibers. Don’t be discouraged if your furry ball doesn’t look like a tree yet – the next step is the crucial one. 

Step #7 – Trim It!

Take your furry wool ball and give it a haircut. What kind of haircut? The tree-haircut. You basically are goin to cut the shape of tree into the furry. I kept on brushing and cutting, to really make the trees extra fluffy and to get extra fibers that are already loose, out. 

Can you see a tree yet? ☺

Step #8 – Add a Base

You have got a few options on what kind of base you can use for your trees: a simple wire loop to stand on, wood, set them in cement, stick them in little pots filled with dirt or even sand. I opted for the rustic look – cut of pieces from a branch I took home from a forest about three years ago, which was still in my garage. I drilled a tiny hole, added some glue (from the hot glue gun, and yes I burned myself, thanks for asking) and stuck the wire into the base. Voila! Trees done!

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