DIY Pour and Melt Matcha Tea – Wild Orange Soap

If this isn’t the season to make fun (and good smelling) DIY present for your friends and family, then I don’t know what is. And as it is with us, we actually don’t give gifts as such to the adults – but because I am me and I like putting little smiles on peoples faces, I always make little take aways for our guest.

This year around I decided on making a fun soap, using my Matcha powder from Teami Blends, my Dotterra Essential Oils and a Shea Butter Pour and Melt soap base. Super easy, deliciously fragrant and can be whipped up in just under a day if you have the ingredients at hand. Follow me below to see how I did it.

STEP #1 Line up all your ingredients

To get a good work flow going, organize all your ingredients you’d like to add to your soap. I made a mix of two different soap mixes.


  • Shea Butter Pour And Melt Base (I used this one from Hobbycraft)

MIX 1: Wild Orange Clove

  • Zest Of One Fresh Orange (I wanted to first place fresh orange slices in the soap but wasn’t sure how it would go once you start using it – will try another time)

  • 20 Drops of Doterra’s Wild Orange Essential Oils

  • 10 Drops of Doterra’s Clove Essential Oils

  • A Few Fresh Cloves, Crushed


MIX 2: Matchit Tea, Lemon & Tea Tree With Oats


STEP #2 Cut Up The Shea Butter Base & Microwave

I cut up my 2lb of Shea Butter base and just simply put it in the microwave to melt it down on medium heat. I know, I was first also like – what microwave? But yes, it’s actually made for that. A little side note. Since it’s butter use dishes that aren’t your favorites as it takes a little bit of patience getting it off at the end.

STEP #3 Start Mixing Your First Mix Layer

I simply poured half of the base into my silicon form (stabilized by a none silicone one), and then added my essential oils and mixed in the zest of orange and clove, mixed it through again with a spoon and added even more of the deliciously fragrant clove.

Now a little tip – if you want to create a crisp line between your two layers, let the first layer settle in the fridge or freezer for a while. I did not do this, therefore my layers have mixed a tad.

The second layer, my Matcha, Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil one, I mixed in the bowl and then carefully spooned on top of the the first layer. To add some interest and more goodness, I added a handful of oats to the top.

STEP #4 Let It Rest And Settle Over Night

I let me soap-loaf sit in the fridge over night to set properly, however when I check in after a few hours it was already solid. But you know, just to be safe wait a little more.

STEP #5 Peal The Silicon Form Off & Cut Your Soap

That’s the beauty of silicon, you can just peal it right back, without having breaking your soap. To cut my soap I just used a big sharp knife (heat it under hot water and dry it off) to slice right through.

Don’t’ you just love the pattern, both mixtures created? I definitely swoon away.

STEP #6: Wrap Your Gift Soaps!

Most fun part? Decorate those soaps with whatever you have at hand to make them really a looker for anyone who is lucky enough to get one. I used strips of wrapping paper with left over Mistletoe leaf’s I had around from making Christmas wreaths.


To sum it all up, it’s such an easy and fun DIY that I seriously urge you to give it a go! And hey it’s still 12 days until Christmas, so why not make someone smile with a thoughtful gift?

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