Easter Cakes & Things for the Whole Family to Enjoy

As with every other celebration and festivity, Easter is just as big a deal as Christmas. And even more though now, with kids in the house. It’s all about decorations and sweet treats to emphasize the time of year that more often than not rings spring at the same time. At least for us, there have been quite a few Easter weekends in T-Shirts ?

So when Samsung* asked me how I prepare and celebrate Easter as a family. I decided to give you all a little glimpse into this.

Yep that’s me enjoying one of the sweet treats, I’ll be talking about ?

I am originally from East Germany, a region called Saxonia, where numerous traditions have developed at Easter from the Christian or pagan belief system. The best known are probably painting, decorating and hiding eggs or lighting the Easter fire. Some lesser known traditions that are still done today are But pushing Easter eggs and getting Easter water the night from Saturday to Easter Sunday.

Since I can’t light a fire, roll eggs down the hill with you, I thought I am going to share some Easter traditions we as a family started having, by throwing a bit of Sweden & Germany into a pot ? And yes it absolutely will be dominate by delicious cakes & desserts, because that is just me – if I don’t paint or diy something, I bake. 

Things we can’t live without at Easter are:

– colourful eggs

– sweet treats & cakes

– Easter egg hunt

– Påskmust Soda

– Easter Lillies

– Feathers in birch branches

if you ask yourself now what Påskmust is, well my friends, this is a very, very typical swedish drink that you can only buy around Easter. If I would have to come up with a taste comparison it’s somewhat similar to Dr.Pepper. And if you ever get your hands on one, Blend it with vanilla ice cream for an unforgettable Shake experience ?

At this point, I would also like to thank to our French Door Fridge Freezer from Samsung* for making it possible baking/ preparing three different desserts + holding food for an apocalypse at the same time ?

What do we do for Easter? We decorate, bake, eat & go on an Easter egg hunt! Having kids that get excited about anything including sweet treats and little gifts makes this whole holiday even more special. 

How do we decorate? Very simplistic and with everything that points towards springs. Eggs in numerous colours, Easter lilies, Feathers in birch branches. The whole shebang!

Easter Sunday started off with the family coming around, and hiding all their little treats in the garden if the weather permits and let me tell you – it is so much fun! Last year my whole family from Germany was around and we had this huge hunt, with hiding things in the most odd places. We laughed a lot, because everyone had to search!

Ok but you probably want to get down to the nitty bits, of how I coloured our eggs and what I baked, right? Let’s get started!

Dying Easter Eggs

You have two options, boil your eggs or blow them out, or use faux eggs all together. I like to make a mix, some we eat and some hang on branches or lay decoratively in flowers and food bowls. Note that hard boiled eggs should not be out of the fridge for longer than two hours and should be eaten within one week.

The most simple way to dye eggs is using a mixture of water, vinegar and food dye. This year I did a mix of pastels that match the colours in our kitchen. For that I filled an old cupcake tray (or full cups if you want to dye the whole egg at ones) with 2/3 of water and a dash of vinegar and added food colouring.

That’s simple enough and kids can definitely help! Just put an apron on them and supply gloves to avoid skin staining. But even if you skin stains, it’s not a problem since it’s only food colouring. I still have a green finger at this point ?

Let’s move on to my personal favourite part of the whole holiday. Sweet treats! This year I made a Rice Krispie Cakeroll (which btw is also great for kids parties), a cute as a button bunny cake (which Emma absolutely adored) and tried my hands for the first time on Macarons filled with strawberry buttercream.

Did I hear a YUM? I better have.

Have you ever made Rice Krispie treats for your kids? Yes? Well then this one is super easy for you: The Rice Krispie Cakeroll This one is super easy, you only need said Rice Krispie cereal, food colouring, a dash of butter and whole bunch of marshmallows. I rarely measure this one out but believe it goes something like this:

  • 8 cups of cereal
  • 4 cups of marshmallows
  • + 4 cups of marshmallows for the filling
  • 3 bars (approx. 450g) of melted white chocolate for the dip

Since those were supposed to be colour full Rice Krispie rolls, I started by dying each cup of cereal with a different colour. I put each cup in a small bag, added a few drops of food colouring and started shaking, shaking, shaking it.

After you shaked and mix the cereal it’s time to melt your marshmallows in two different pots, one for the cereal mix and one for the filling. Once the bigger part is melted, add the cereal and steer it. 

All you have to do then is spread it out on a baking sheet, add the marshmallow filling on top and roll it. I let my roll, wrapped in kling film rest in the Cool Pantry Drawer in our Samsung Fridge at 0 degrees, for about an hour before I sliced it and dipped one side in melted, white chocolate.

The next desert, or should I better say cake is the infamous Easter Bunny Cake. Honestly the easiest cake to make and still impress your kids (and yes husband, who ultimately got this little cutie as his birthday cake since my test runs collided with his birthday ?).

All you need is a round sponge cake (I used around a 9” form) that can be vanilla, lemon, chocolate – whatever you prefer really, even store bought works. You cut it in half and add a filling to one top, I used strawberry whipped cream (whipped cream with fresh strawberries), folded the other part on top and sat the cake up on the cut side.

I then iced it with butter cream, sprinkled with coconut, crafted some ears from paper, a pom pom tushy and added some decorate hay.

Result = cutest cake ever!

To top it all off, I also tried my hand for the first time on Macaroons. And for that I just want to share the recipe and instructions that made mine so extremely tasty and good, even though I heard they are quite a tough nut to crack.

Thanks Philip from the Southern Fatty for your excellent recipe! Find it here.

When it comes to decorating, I just went with a flow and how to set up a centerpiece of our ‘would-be’ Easter table, scattered some colourful pom poms, flower & butterfly cut outs and added the most important Easter Lily with small “egg nests” in the middle. 

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our Easter and may have even gotten some inspiration for your own festivities ?

Ps: to store it all for a long livety (although no sweet treats last long in this household), I just took off the bunny’ ears and popped it back in the fridge. Same with a baking tray full of Rice Krispie Cakeroll slices ? A whole baking tray fit in our Samsung Fridge, no problem.


*This blog post is part of a sponsored partnership with Samsung Home Appliances

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