Fall Trip to Borrego Springs and De Anza

As most of you know already, we took our fall vacation in Southern California, to escape some of autumn ish temperatures and rather wet Swedish weather episodes. Since we are enjoying seeing new places on every trip we scheduled in a two day stay in the Californian backland of Borrego Springs and De Anza, located just two hours inland from San Diego.

We came in through the back, from Palm Springs, past Salton Sea and through the middle what felt like nowhere. But that impression was broken by the odd trailer and four wheeler in the landscape. Nonetheless stunning!

We had the absolute pleasure and of staying the beautiful house of Kristin from The Garage Collective, who has been renovating an 80’s ranch style house over the past few months.  

The house is exactly (and better) as you’d expect in such a beautiful part of the world. A lot of natural materials, textures and textiles from Kristin’s shop and A LOT of cacti.

We rented the house for our family and a friends one. Three adults and five kids, which was not a problem as the house has three separate bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large open living space and big backyard with pool & spa, to accommodate the troops.

Let me give you a tour!

Welcome to De Anza!

A beautiful open living space with a bar style kitchen, perfect for entertaining and hosting more than one family and enough space for the smallest to rund of some of their energy.

The master bedroom features a king sized bed, en-suite with shower, a lot of storage and direct access to the terrace through an adjoining sunroom. Do I really have to mention of just how good we slept?

Said adjoined sunroom to the terrace.

 The second bedroom was no less stunning, with a queen bed in the middle or art, rugs and beautiful sunlight shining in.

Now I’m taking you back down the hall, through the dining area, sitting room and kitchen to get to the third bedroom, where all those kids slept.

The third room was equipped with four stackable twin beds, making it the place to be for 1-4 people (aka kids).

The kids loved staying here. There was no tv and they actually played. Like play play! Too fun to see those device obsessed minds have fun with anything but their phones (they do skate a lot but indoor activities appear to be limited to phones etc)

And what kid doesn’t love a campfire with marshmallows?

Btw, did you know that Borrego Springs is a Star Gazing community and has virtually zero streetlights or large neon signs? I am not going to lie, when I say that I’ve never seen that many stars before!

The picture below I took with my phone – you know for the giggles and was surprised to see it did capture actual stars!

My favourite part about our stay at the house? The morning! After filling up my beautiful cup with coffee I got to see the sun rising up and shining against the  San Ysidro Mountains.

I mean really, what a place to wake up to! Actually a funny story at this point. Only the hubby, Emma and me arrived in Borrego Springs at daylight, therefore we saw the mountains before the sun went down. The other parti however arrived in the evening and had no idea of just in what an amazing setting the house was. So when they woke up the next morning, they were floored and trouble closing their mouths. Completely in awe, I tell ya!

Can’t blame them, can we?

So what did we get up to during our two day stay?

Borrego Springs and the adjoining Anza-Borrego State Park is well knows for it’s excellent hiking and exploration opportunities, as well as most amazing wildflower bloom in spring. But even if you aren’t exactly the hiking type, you can still do a lot! 

A definite must see and do is go and explore the Borrego Badlands & Fonts Point. Serioulsy! It’s nicknamed the Gran Canyon of Borrego Springs and it did not disappoint. Thankfully were our rentals four-wheel drive equipped, because our trip took us for 30min through a dry riverbed to the most amazing view point one could have imagined. 

Welcome to Fonts Point

Emma was actually a bit afraid of the height and so was I when everyone just started climbing higher and higher haha.

You can read more about this place here

Another must visit are the metal sculptures that are placed around Borrego Springs.

”People are coming from around the United States and internationally to see over one hundred fully-sized metal sculptures inspired by the animals that roamed this desert millions of years ago. Prehistoric mammals, historical characters, fanciful dinosaurs, and a 350-foot-long fanciful serpent are just some of the inhabitants of this fanciful tableau.”

You can read more about them here

But it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t also find a random (or two) full pipes to skate. Pretty cool scenery though, right?

I can confidently say – Until next time Borrego Springs! You’ve been beautiful and well worth the visit.

Ps: you can follow Kristin’s house here on Instagram and soon book your stay on Airbnb.



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