From Shelf To Closed Cabinet – The Microwave-Corner Update!

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Now that our cabinets are fresh and pretty, it’s time to tackle our microwave corner that for some reason has always been a sore in my eyes. 

But then we got a new microwave from Samsung* and I knew I had to the update this area just as well to fit into the Kitchen 3.0 revamp. The cabinet to be would make it possible to have microwave hidden from view or out – I can add that I am not quite sure yet, which one I prefer, as the microwave does look a lot better than the one we had previously, and goes hand in hand with our other metal appliances. 

I let you decided at the end ?

I am going to show you some before’s, so you understand the problem. Messy! Parts I definitely not like is the open cabinet with most of our art/ craft supplies and the no window treatment, and the somewhat too small shelves.

The faux greenery I definitely still love though ?

My plan to solve the issues:

  • close the cabinet with shaker style doors
  • “hide” the microwave
  • add a window treatment
  • tidy the UP ?

 Alrighty, shall we close up the cabinet? I thought so! But let’s look at the “bones”of the little rolling cabinet before.

Step #1 – The plan

The main idea is to close up this rolling kitchen island to make it a closed cabinet for microwave & some art supplies that we tend to use a lot. I decided to close the sides with 4mm plywood, and add shaker style doors – to be cohesive with the rest of our kitchen.

Consistency is the key for a not to busy look, right? 

The back I left open to have easy access for cables & ventilation – not like anyone is going to see!

Step #2 The doors

I had still mdf and plywood leftovers from the other doors, so I just went ahead and build another set. If you haven’t read my blog post about the easy 2-piece shaker style cabinet fronts – this is the time. 

Step #3 – Door hinges & sides

To make sure the hinges fit well into the frame of kitchen island and doors, I used a chisel to remove material from both – so that the hinges are properly bedded into the doors & frame. 

First I traced around the hinges on the doors & later on the frame of the kitchen island.

Simultaneously I also closed the sides of the kitchen island with plywood. 

On to measure the placement for the hinges on the kitchen island/ soon to be cabinet.

Step #4 – Adjust the doors & paint

Door hinges are in place and it was time to add the doors to the cabinet. I would recommend pre-drilling holes to make the attachment easier, while holding the doors up in place. Just a little tip ?


After that I did a little Marie-Kondo on this area, gutted what we never use, sorted our cook books that appear to be growing in numbers by the minute, added some of our baby plants and a fun little DIY wallart-piece. 

You can see Emma is proud.

In or out?

Let me show you first some imagery when the microwave is inside of the cabinet, and then out. I must say I do like the space it creates. The microwave is definitely an appliance we do use daily, if for heating up a lonely lunch or melting butter for my baking antics, but then does it need to be out on sight?

I am starting to see the appeal of not having too many appliances out on show.

What do you think?

And now on to the Show-Your-Appliances

So what’s your verdict? ?


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