How to Care for & Clean Your Vintage Moroccan Rug at Home

Do you love vintage rugs? Vintage, woolly rugs from Morocco by any chance? If so, you might wonder how to clean them – especially if you have kids & pets. So I thought I am going to share my cleaning routine with you, to help you see how easy they are to treat & care for.

Women sitting on a rug outside, with a brush and hose in her hand.

Weekly Routine – Vacuuming

Every week I give my rugs a good vacuum clean. The ones that are small enough to lift out easily, ie. the runners we have, get swung over the terrace railing and get shaken out. 

Yearly Routine – Washing

The summer months are a perfect time to wash your rug at home. And by that I don’t mean to throw it into you washing machine. All you need is a flat surface, where water can freely flow away, water, a soft brush, detergent and a water wiper. 

Things you need:

– Water in a bucket + hose if available 

– Brush to work in the laundry detergent

– Detergent (environmentally friendly as it will enter the ground)

– Water Wiper (you can use a large one you would clean windows with or a pool squeegee)

You can watch this short video or read below what I did!



Step #1

Remove all dust & dirt from you rug with a vacuum cleaner or by shaking it out

Step #2

Saturate your rug with a lot of water. I started out using the hose and then emptied two buckets with warm water right on the rug.

Step #3

Sprinkle your detergent all over the rug

Step #4

Work the detergent into the rug with the help of you brush. Long strokes and circles works best for me to really get the detergent activated.

Step #5

Time to hose of all the detergent! This takes quite a bit of water and I noticed that after hosing of the most, buckets with water worked the best to really get all the soap out. 

Step #6

Remove any excess water with your squeegee.

Step #7

Let the rug thoroughly dry. For me this took about 36hours, placed in a sunny warm spot.


Spot-Cleaning Your Rug

If you kid or dog left a nasty mark on your favorite rug, there are a few things you can try first, before consulting professional help. 

Remove all dirt from the rug, and wash the spot with warm soapy water. Remove all excess soap with more water and let it out in the sun to dry. The sun has amazing stain-removing abilities! I would not use soda on spots, simply because once this comes into contact with the sun it could bleach out the spot, leaving you with a permanently lighter spot.


I hope these tips helped you and took away the fear to clean your favorite rugs yourself  ?


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