Interior Styles: New Farmhouse


Part 5!

Now we are talking about that dreamy farmhouse style.

You might be day dreaming of possibly living in that beautiful and rustic farmhouse but can not just pack everything up and move out in the country side. So what can you do? We are trying to replicate the Farmhouse style, which is all about warmth & character, and try to add those elements to our homes. 

This style makes exceptional good use of natural textures and materials like wood and galvanized steels, heavy cotton structures and woven rugs. Choose neutral paint colors such as cream, and add color pops if you feel your wild side is not satisfied just yet.

This is a great style for DIY lovers, as furnishing paint jobs do not need to be perfect, the opposite, chipped paint and uneven patches are favoured as it lets the natural texture shine through. The perfect paint for this might be just Rust-Oleum, which you can find in most hardware stored.

You can decorate your home with well-used and loved pieces, vintage or vintage-inspired items found in thrift stores and flea markets, antique signs and fun chalk board ideas. For textiles, opt for light colors, with pop color hues that add freshness to your room. Finish your room off with mix and matched textures in cushions and blankets to really get that cozy feeling going!


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