Interior Styles: Scandinavian Contemporary


Let’s talk interior styles!

I am going to start with the classic scandinavian contemporary style that is recognizable by their simplicity, its minimalism and functionality.

The contemporary design movement established in the early 20th century, flourished in the five nordic european countries, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Finland in the 50’s and has up to this day a strong grip on the interior world. 

The emphasizes with scandinavian designs is on shapes and form, with clean lines and flat surfaces, especially on furniture. An overall restrained color palette, with added accents through well chosen accessories ties it all in and still makes it a minimalistic, yet comfortable space.

Nordic terms like “hygge” from Denmark and “lagom” from Sweden come to mind, symbolising the virture of moderation and balance. 

But just because it is minimalistic, you can still play with texture in textiles, only use similar muted tones as the rest of your furnishing. Stick to one to two metal accents, such a black chrome and messing – always a nice combination.

A big key for this style are empty spaces, ie. “Less is More”. Not every corner and wall need something in and on them, the opposite – start de-cluttering your space and only pick a few but well chosen items you want to display on tables, shelves and walls.

Now you will fit right in, here in the north!

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