Last Minute DIY Christmas Stocking From Old Throw Cushion Covers

 Three days until Christmas Eve and I realised we didn’t have enough Christmas stockings! But instead of going out and buying new, I raided our linen closet and fabric scrap bag and decided to make my own.

All in all it took about 2hours for four Christmas stocking, partly because I had Emma helping.  I’m positive you could manage this in a shorter time as well.

What do you need?

– Sewing machine (but I’ve seen people use a hot glue gun too)

– Fabric: I used old throw cushion covers and faux fur fabric scraps)

– Decorative add ons: I made four tassels from left over wool and added wooden balls to them, as well as cut four stripes of felt to attach to the stockings so we could hang them

Step #1: Gather your fabric

As said above I used old throw cushion covers that I thought would look nicely, as they were already patterned or in a heavy fabric.

Step #2: Trace your Christmas stocking

For this I used and old Christmas stocking I found in a box. I traced the pattern straight on to folded fabric, front side of the fabric phasing each other.

Step #3: The Christmas stocking cuff 

After I had my four Christmas stocking cut outs I cut 8 faux fur fluffy Cuffs and matched them best by colour and pattern.

Step #4: Decorative Christmas stocking add-ons 

Since I’ve been making so many pom-poms this season I’ve got quite a bit of wool left over, so what was more convenient than making four quick tassels, right?

And don’t forget: to be able to hang your stocking you also need to add a hanger or loop.

Step #5: Sew the Christmas stocking together

Right, so I used my sewing machine for this (instead of a hot glue gun) because I used faux fur and I didn’t want to create a massive mess. However I’ve got some tips!

First, attach the cuffs to each part, with the “good” sides facing each other. Also add the prepared tassle inbetween the two faces, the one that will later “face outwards”.


This way of attaching it will give you a seamless look. You only have to fold the cuff up and voila. 


Your next step is to put the two right sides together and start sewing them together. 

Don’t forget to add your little loop/ hanger in between the layers!

And that was it my friends! You’ve got yourself your very own Christmas stockings – and really the options of decorating them are endless!

Have fun!



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