Our DIY Bathtub Skirting

Ever since updating our bathroom, or more precis the bathtub front, I have gotten numerous questions on how I’ve done it. At the time I was only filming via IG story, but I managed to download those old stories and put together a little video for you – to relieve all the good times.

I’ve also made a sketch for you, where you can exactly see what I am doing. 


What do you need:

– Lumber (I used 45mmx45mm, 1750mm long pieces)

– Stainless Steal Screws (important as it’s in the bathroom and we don’t want anything rusting away)

– Silicon Sealer

– Level


To start of with, I used two vertical pieces of lumber, in the height of the bathtub, which I secured to the left and right wall of the bathroom, with stainless steel screws. It is important that those pieces are solid and secure as all the horizontal pieces of lumber wood will be secured to those.

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