Our Downstairs Overhaul: The Entryway & Sofa Nook

At the end of last year I set out to overhaul our downstairs area, which ulitmately is an area in our home we use for different purposes. For one, there is the actual entrance to our home, a small nook under our staircase that has always doubled a sleeping spot for guests. We also have a desk, bookshelv/ library unit and several entrances to other rooms.

Here you can see a quick (not to scale) floorplan of what I am talking about. Always easier with visuals!


So what was my plan?


– add more wall hooks

– better shoe storage

– full length mirror

– small seating option

– overhaul the double wardrobe doors

– wall treatment in form of paint and wood


Under the staircase nook:

– find a sofa that fits the space and can double up as guest bed

– better lightning

– wall treatment in form of paint and wood


Let’s start!

When I started out the space was rather white with one side having a super bold (and gorgeous) wallpaper. Even though I adored the wallpaper, it somehow made it hard for me to see the space finished. So I took it down and actually savoured some for future projects. 

Here are some before pictures. You can see nothing is wrong with it, just a bit to big of a sofa and the wallpaper I loved but wanted to change.


Anyway, back to the space. I wanted to bring in some of favourite colour combinations – greens and pinks, to make it feel connected to the rest of our house. 

I was lucky enought that I had two amazing brands backing me in this project, with essential key pieces. For one I decided on a wall mural for our entry way and a gorgeous sofa & lamp for the under the staircase space, that allowed me to come up this small moodboard.

Part 1: The entryway

Let’s start with the most fun part! Wer had some really boring white double doors on our entryway wardrobe and instead of just painting them, I got the best removable wallmural from Bonnie & Bold Wallpapers, the Jungle Skyline, in my favorite colour combination.

To see how it all worked I made you a video that I first showed on Instagram IGTV.


It was so much fun seeing the wardrobe transform!

The second part for this area was to build a slat wall that would double as the perfect backdrop for a lot of hooks for all of our coats. In the past (and probably future) I put the slats straight on the wall, but this time I decided to build a frame first and attach it to the wall as whole. 



Finishing this area off with a small paint job, again reflecting the colours of the wallpaper and voila! We had a new space!

Part 2: The under the stairs nook

I got really excited about this part, when Made.com reached out to me and said they would like to help me overhaul this space in form of gorgeous velvet green Haru sofa, that can indeed double as a bed and new Vetro floor lamp in a blushy pink!  

But as I said before the whole area needed a good overhaul! So I set out to create a new type of wall treatment I havent tried as such before. Again I made use of wall slats, but this time cut to an arch. Who doesn’t love arches right!


Watch this short video below to see how it all came together!


It wouldn’t be me if I’d let you hanging, by saying that this little cutie of a sofa is a sofa bed but not showing you it’s functionality, right?


I hope you enjoyed this little overhaul, and I am sure to keep you updated next time around I continue on the other small areas in this space, for example findind a way to revamp our staircase and possibly add a small cinema with a projector ect. 

Stay tuned and if you don’t already hop over to my Instagram to always know what I am up to!


Christin xo

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