Part 4 Bedroom Revamp & Reveal: the IKEA Rast Hack, Dresser turned TV

So we have this TV in our bedroom, and it used to stand on this dresser, that was a bit unloved – and saved for some sort of DIY. I am talking about IKEA Rast dresser for 299 kr (30USD) – pretty good deal, if you ask me. 

The dresser itself is destined to be customized, with it being untreated pinewood and there are hundreds of tutorials on the web, so I thought I am gonna add my personal touch to one as well. 

So what you do need for this project?

– one dresser

– wood of your choice for extra shelving 

– circle saw and/ or jig saw – althought the jigsaw is important to have

– mesh/ rattan 

– staple gun

– nails/ nailgun

– electric drill

– wood glue

– clamps

– measuring stick

– feet & drawer handles of your choice

Well, let’s get started!

Step #1: Dismantling The Existing Dresser

I took out all the drawers and took off the bottom wood panel and inserts. Then I cut off a good piece of the footing of the dresser, as you can see in the first product image that it’s quite large. 

Step #2: Saw Of The Foot & Half The Bottom Wood Panel

After the foot was cut off (I used the jigsaw), I inserted the bottom wood panel  and made some marks on there to adjust the widht. I actually sawed half of it’s width off, glued both pieces together, to not have such a big gap between bottom drawer and bottom of the dresser.

Step #3: Preparing The Bottom Of The Drawer For Feet

The RAST dresser is quite basic and doesn’t have a solid foundation, so I needed to add a bottom ot it, to be able to later attach feet. 

I simply used some wooden planks I had still left over from other projects, cut them to measure and nailed them into the sides. 

Step #4: Build The Top Shelf

I did not want to keep the original confirguration of the dresser with three drawers, so I removed one and build a top-shelf. I did this the same way as I attached the bottom – with planks cut to measure – secure by nails and wood glue. 

To make sure they would fit well and are in the right place to not hinder the drawers from closing or leaving a gap, I inserted the 2nd drawer back into the cabinet, to use as guide.

Step #5: Customize The Drawer Fronts

Ok so first I thought about framing the fronts or do some rib structure – but then I had already so much ‘ribbibg’ going on with the backwall and bedframe that I went for my already tried and tested (and may I say much loved) Rattan window backing-option. Pretty much the same way as I have done on our upper kitchen cabinets doors, but I am going to show you again.

I started by measuring out the windows, which were to be cut out, inserted some holes in the window with my electric drill to have a good starting point for my jigsaw, and went to work.

Then I did some sanding of the edges, attached the fronts back to the drawers and went ahead and painted it all, before the attaching the rattan backing. 

Step #6: Choosing The Paint

I had already so many different colours going on in my little bedroom scheme, that I opted for one that I felt was ‘underrepresented’ and would give a nice contrast to the wall mural. 

Here are my three finalists.

Yes you’re right, I went with the third option, a nice minty green/ blue, and boy am I loving the choice!

Step #7: Attaching The Rattan Backing, Feet & Drawer Handles

To attach the rattan to the drawer fronts, I used my staple fun. Quick and gets the job done. You can see that this rattan has a different structure to the one I used for our kitchen, and you know what? I am really liking it and may have to do some updates … 😉

The feet I bought, are a bit rubbish to be honest, as they did not come with a plate that one can attach to the bottom and then screw the foot into. Oh well – for now it’ll do, until I have time to change it. 

What I got was an apapter that I had to hammer into the base, to be able to screw the feet into. 

And for the drawer handles? Well I thought about leather but than opted for a simple oak handle that, I believe, compliments the rattan and colour of the dresser so well.

What do you think?

Thanks for following along & also make sure to check out the other parts of my bedroom revamp & reveal series.


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