Part 5 Bedroom Revamp & Reveal: the Bedside Click-In Table DIY

I really had the work cut out for me, wanting to make as much custom shelving & details as possible. 

First up a click in side table for the hubby with wireless charging, made from plywood and an edge painted on.

You need:

  • Wood of your choice (I used plywood as it had it available)
  • Wood glue
  • Nails or Nail gun
  • Clamps
  • Painters tape & paint
  • Circle saw attachment
  • Sandpaper

You can see in the picture below, how the left side of the bedside table is hooked into the actual bedframe, making it a part of the bed. 

The actual parts of plywood are glued together and supported by nails in all the joints. Then I simply taped it up and added a colourful edge aorund.

To cut out the circle for the wireless adapter (purchased from IKEA), I used a circle saw attachement for my electric drill and went to work.

Easy peasy!

Thanks for following along & also make sure to check out the other parts of my bedroom revamp & reveal series.

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