Teenage Room Make Over

If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen my stories and newest post about the transformation of our oldest’ s room make over. He just turned 12 on the weekend, and it seemed like a great fit to finally give his room the much needed attention it was (literally) screaming out for.

Calle used to have the bedroom next to ours, but when Emma was on the way, we all decided it might be better for him to move to the spare (what used to be play room) room on the ground floor. After all there he has his own bathroom, and if you will, own entrance. What teen wouldn’t like that, right?

So initially, we set his room up on a white canvas, with posters and all what the boy wanted. Two years down the line, he moved furniture around…and around, but didn’t end up liking it. So it was mainly a mess and I could 100% understand that it didn’t feel good living in that. So we came up with a grand plan and went to task!


#1 Teenage Room Make Over: Mood Board



#2 Teenage Room Make Over: Before’s

So after gathering all the inspirations from Instagram and Pinterest and this awesome communities on both platforms I felt fairly confident that we could do something fun, somewhat colourful but still to the likes of a teenager.


#3 Teenage Room Make Over: The After Result

One thing that made my sore hand (painting is a hard job) worth while, was his look when he saw the whole room come together. Guess we won’t get him out of there for a while now.

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