The 20 Best TV Shows to Binge Watch Right Now

Its Saturday evening and you don’t know, once again, what to watch on Netflix or other streaming platforms?

I’ve listed 20 of my favorite shows that I could happily binge watch every day! Those might also come in handy if you are happen to spend more time at home in the next few weeks – cue social distancing. Now it’s ok, so go ahead and give into the urge to BINGE WATCH.

Ps: don’t forget to get some healthy snacks and drinks before you start ?

I linked all my favourited to IMDb if you want to get a quick overview what it’s about, if you haven’t heard of it + added my own comments reviews. 

Feel Good (most of the time)

Because sometimes we just need to turn the brains off and laugh!

Friends: better bought that DVD box set than since Netfix isn’t showing it anymore in the US. It’s my favourite – all time favourite, I stopped counting how many times I’ve seen it but it ALWAYS manages to cheer me up! Always!

Grace and Frankie: A feel good show (with some sad moments) about two older ladies, who find out their respective husbands are lovers. Lily Tomlin & Jane Fonda never looked better!

That 70’s Show: I am an Ashton Kutcher fan and well a Mila Kunis one too, so I find it dead cute how those two played lovers decades before they became an actual item. Plus the 70’s decor and fashion always gets me!

Lawyer Dramas

I admit it, I am a huge fan of lawyer based dramas, maybe it’s because at some point I wanted to be one (big shocker I know), but also because it’s violent free and can be easily watched without nightmares. 

The Good Wife: Good wife has naughty husband in politics. Husband goes to jail, good wife needs to put on good face and fight for her children. Good that she’s a trained lawyer who takes the legal world by storm.

The Good Fight: A continuation of The Good Wife that doesn’t lack anything in suspense and fun. But I’d recommend watching The Good Wife first.

Suits: Super smart Harvard drop out escapes prosecution by becoming the wing man (and fraudelent lawyer) of New Yorks finest. It’s a good one to watch here and there oooorrr binge watch!

Crime/ Suspension

Ok those below I have had a real hard time turning off. So good! I am a big fan of crime tv shows that still make you laugh occasionally. 

How to Get Away With Murder: Ok not much laughing but pretty bloody brilliant.

Designated Survivor: This one clued me to my sofa. I COULD NOT STOP! What happens when the whole political delegation gets taken out in a terror attack. Definitely worth watching!

The Blacklist: This might have become quickly my all time favourite and I am already sad for when I finish it. SO SO SO GOOD! Even the husband is a HUGE fan (he wouldn’t admit it though)

Homeland: This one has been one of my longest tv addictions. Claire Danes is brilliant and it seems so real to current happenings. 

Scorpions: A bunch of super geniuses saving the world! Ok it’s a bit ridiciouls at point but a fun watch!

The Bridge/ Bron: Scandinavians finest! It’s such a good show that the US made their own spin off. But I’d recommend watching this rather dark series in their original language with subtitles. Hey you might even learn some swedish and danish.

Bodyguard: James bond meets the 20th century. Political and great!

Reality Tv Shows/ Fun

The Great British Bake Off: You know I love everything baking and even though I can’t eat gluten this is still one of my fav foodie shows!

The Great Interior Design Challenge: Interior design tv show? You don’t need to say more.

Interior Design Masters: More interior design? SIGN ME UP!

Tiny House Nation: The design and construction for tiny homes under 500 sqft/ 45 sq m – it’s sooooo inspiring!

Next In Fashion: This is the big sister of Project Runway, professional trying to stand out in the fashion industry. Always love seeing the creativity accross the board (and the tad of drama ?)

Master Chef (US): You know Gordon Ramsay? No? Well you’re in for a ride. Even though it’s a lot of shouting and drama it’s still a great show to watch if you like food! For a more polite version make sure you check the UK version.

Nailed It: It’s a baking/ cooking show alright, but not how you think – because she show literally screams disaster and is HILARIOUS!!! Must Watch!

Happy Weekend & Watching!

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