The Easy Faux Tile DIY Treatment

Do you know that feeling, when you suddenly have to change something? Well I felt like this a week ago, when I woke up at 6am and started taking down this wall cabinet below. I always found it bothering me but never really had an idea. Until then! 

I took down the wall cabinet and then re-created a faux tile look to match our gorgeous Popham Design Ando tiles from Marrakech Design

Right let’s do it! Here we have a lovely before of what I started with. The cabinet still up, faux greens oon the backsplash, and well a white fridge.

Step 1: Let’s take it down

I was a little bit scared to actually take it down as we didn’t know if the cabinet was glued to the wall or not. Lucky me it wasn’t! The only thing that I had to do, was patching up the wall, paint it white and prepare the wall for my faux tiles. 

Oh and I painted the fridge black!

Step 2: Put up the shelves 

This I could have done after doing the actual paint job. But I really wanted to see what it would looked like with a white backdrop. 


Step 3: Pick right green and paint the backdrop

I found a green that I believe to be quite good match to the original tiles.

Step 4: Make the backdrop look like actual tiles

I basically measured the orignal tiles and made a cut out of cardboard to trace the tile shapes (ok that was easy, it’s a square) on to the now green backdrop with a white pencil. 

I then taped of the ‘grout’ lines, sealed the tape with first the green paint to avoid bleeding over the lines, and then painted the grout with a light grey to match the grout in the tiles.

Step 5: Make the tile pattern cut-out

Again a bit of measuring here and cutting there and I had myself a lovely little pattern for my tiles. A simple move and trace exercise.

Step 6: Paint the pattern free hand

It’s not perfect, but I never intended for it to be, since the pattern on the actual tiles has also an organic flow, so I just went ahead and painted it free hand and tried to keep that one steady.

(Also please excuse our horrific light switches, they’ll be exchanged over time)

And by now we also have installed a new fridge freezer combo from Samsung, so I felt I had to update this ?


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