The Late Fall Home Tour

After our Summer Tour was such a success, us Ladies got together and thought we are doing it again and show you how our homes have changed, and what fall touches have been added all around the globe. I do have to warn you though, as I have never really decorated beyond adding a fall bouquet or a pumpking here and here.

But not to worry – I am sure you will still find that quite a few things have changed in our abode, and if only to keep to the spirits high – as fall & winter can not be put in the ‘favorite season’ category, with short days, grey skies and a lot of foggy and rainy moments. So my thinking is, to keep the sunshine alive by adding colourful touches to every corner – as you are already used from me.


The Kitchen

That’s the place where I still have my pumpkins! The most fall-y place in our house perhaps. I also added a fun little chalkboard drawing with all the things to do in fall and letterboard, which are always fun to spread the seasonal message loud and clear. 

The Bedrooms

One of my favourite way of welcoming a new season into the home is by updating the bedding, throwing a cushion on it all and calling it a day. And what day it’s been, especially since our new Sage+Clare products hit home. 

In Europe it is fairly common – I would go out and say that 95% of households, to use a duvet and comforter. For me personally I love sleeping in linens, as it just gives you that little extra bit of texture to get really comfortable in cold nights. 

(Products used: Safi Tufted Bedcover, Edith Linen Pillowcase, Ceva Lemon Pillowcase, Paloma Linen Fitted Sheet, Delphine Tufted Cushion, Cleo Fringe Cushion)

Emma’s Room

In Emma’s room we did a few things to freshen up the space, earlier in the fall I updated her wardrobe doors with a fun DIY and then added here as well, new bedding to the mix. This is the first time that Sage+Clare has launched a kidsline to their bedding offering and our little one couldn’t be more thrilled (ie. read between the lines – me).

Extra tip: A fun way to create a festive or seasonal feeling is with fun quotes on letterboard that you can change out easily. Currently on the board: “Wake Me Up When Spring Wants To Party” – really emphasising about how we feel about the cold season.

(Products used: Esta Polka Dot Bedcover, Tili Cotton Pillowcase, Rosquilla Cotton Pillowcase, Jafi BedsheetHolly Soutache Cushion)

The Living Room

I am not going to lie – but I am not great at decorating seasonal. Yes I had the spider webs and bats up for halloween, but now I am just ready for Christmas to come around the corner to have all the sparkly lights on can find. The inbetween? Not so good! But because I want to be ready for Christmas, I started a refresh in our living room (literally the day before last) to give it all a new vibe, by updating paint work and re-creating a new gallerywall. You heard the term “Shop your own home”? That is what I did. Oh and if you ever wondered if you can build a coffee table by yourself? Yes you can. Read my blog post on how I made ours.

Ok but let’s get back to the now and what I did do to freshen up the space. I added a warm blush tone to the walls and ceiling with a contrast colour to make the room feel more cosy (our living room is rather long) and added a whole bunch of new textured-goodness pillow to our enourmous sofa for the ultimate cosy vibe.

(Products used: Abril Knit Blanket, Mojave Shag Cushion, Melody Fringe Cushion, Rylie Lemon Cushion, Rylie Punch Cushion, Inaya Shag Cushion, Pecatu Tufted Blanket: sold out)

The blushy pink you saw above was not only taken to the ceiling but also opposing walls and cabinets on the left, to create a funnel feeling. The wall to the left got than the gallerywall make over. I actually made a short video about how to create a gallerywall the fool-proof way, if you want to avoid too many unnecessary holes in the wall (speaking from experiences – ask the husband).

The darker pink stripe is the same colour I used also on our small wall right next to it – making it all hang together and cohesive.

The Bathroom

Ok so i’ve been thinking – is there anyone who does decorate their bathroom for seasonal changes and holidays? I don’t, but I think I might be missing out?

For now I threw in some new bath mats and keep on rotating my plants so they can get some lush humidity, making them feel like they are on vaction. 

(Products used from left to right: Tula Nudie Bathmat Pickle, Tula Nudie Bathmat Soleil, Fleur Tufted Bathmat: sold out)

That was it! Thank you so much for reading/ skipping through my little tour! Make sure to check out also the other tours that feature everything from fun Fall DIY’s, to table scapes and other festive ideas. 



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