The Pink Kitchen 2.0 – We Are Done!

Pink Kitchen DIY Renovation

This start of the spring was marked by me re-doing our pink kitchen, to a newer, what I’d like to think more modern version of the old. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the pink kitchen before, but I am totally obsessed with the new one, and all those new DIY’s, materials and looks it got!

But let’s all remember what I started with! First it was bland and white, before adding a splash of colour and pattern.

IMG_0085.JPG IMG_3888.JPG

The main two reasons, why I decided to chnage it up once again are that first of all my first worktop DIY paint job, did not hold up well, so something had to happen. Second was really that I was itching for change and for trying out new techniques! Read more below on what I did.


The Areas I Wanted Fixed

I knew from the get go, that I wanted to keep it pink and something wood. The most natural solution would have been replacing the existing work top with a wooden one, to get my wood going. However since the lower cabinets are glued (construction type glue) to the countertop this was a no-go. The bones of our kitchen are almost 35 years old and it wouldn’t survive a partial removal. So wooden countertop was of the charts. Similiar went for the backsplash, ideally I would have taken the old tiles down to set whatever material I wanted to, but those were as well, attached to the wall like there was no tomorrow. Did I like the space above my uppers? No. It was always dusty and really an unused and unloved space. I tried to rectify it with adding baskets but that just always ended up looking to buys for my taste.

So overall, I identified four key areas that needed solving:

  • the new colour palette

  • the worktop

  • the backsplash

  • the unused space above the uppers


The Design Concept

After browsing Pinterest and Instagram what felt like weeks, I settled on a rough colour and material idea. You can see my inspiration images below (I always enjoy seeing where people get their hype from)


Ok so pink & green seemed to be very popular in the mix, that I did indeed decided those two shades should be everything else circles around. My favourite go to paint in Sweden is Alcro. They have the most pefect shades and an excellent customer service in my local paint shop just ticks all the boxes.

But I wanted wood as well, right? Not to worry! Because I decided to built the cabinet doors for my uppers from scratch, using ofcourse wood. And that wasn’t all, since I did want to eliminate the unused space above them as well, I came up with a plan to simply raise the cabinet doors to ceiling, making them longer than the previous ones, and therefore creating an open sehlving underneath. In summary, the cabinets stayed where they were, I only raised the doors up, leaving the lower cabinet shelving exposed, hence = open shelving. The doors itself were going to feature one of my favorite materials, besides from wood, rattan.

Right the wood & upper cabinet space area was fixed. Now on to the worktop! This was a bit of a more difficult one, since the original countertop was, or well is, laminate there is not much that could be done. I did not want to paint it again, nor could I replace it and adding stick & peel foil, was out of question too. So after a bit of research I came accross a company in Sweden that specialises in concrete overlays on wall, floors, stairs and yes – kitchen countertops! Design By Cement was contacted and they decided to sponsor me on this project and send out their concrete colour samples for me to check on that.

Countertop issue solved! On to the backsplash! With this area I went back and forth, between also using the concrete overlay option, to tile, to metal sheeting. Ultimately I decided that I wanted colour and most of all some fun pattern to add character to our kitchen. With this one I felt super lucky to have come accross Marrakech Designs, who specialise in unique and somewhat bold, hand made cement tiles, and also loved my previous work and agreed to supply their products for this project.

After having all my ducks in a row, I came up with below:

(wow I am really good at rhymes)

Pink Kitchen Mood board Design Concept for the pink kitchen

Now that you know what I wanted to achieve let’s move on to each part of the renovation!


The Upper DIY Rattan Cabinet Doors

Definitely one of my favourite DIY’s to date! I had this vision of boho inspired doors that make my heart skip a beat and I am so happy it came out just the way I wanted them to.

You can read my full ‘how to’ here: DIY Rattan Door – Adding Natural Features To Your Home


The Tiles Backsplash

I did love my dalmation backsplash but just really needed some colour that complimented my fresh pink. And since we couldn’t remove the old tiles, due to heavy duty glue, we opted for tiling over tile. And it worked like a charm. See more pictures and read up on the whole process here: DIY Backsplash Rescue – Update Your Kitchen With This Simple Hack: Tile Over Tile

Tile Forest Green Lines.JPG

The Concrete Overlay Countertop

And this is most definitely the one DIY and product I am most grateful for! The new look of our ‘concrete’ worktop is so very different form what we had before, and I couldn’t have asked for a better look and outcome. Read more about how I got on in the process here: DIY Concrete Overlay Countertop With Vitrivius – Transform Your Old Kitchen Counter With This Simple Application!


I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did! If you have any questions or want me to come up with a fun & yet purposeful design for your kitchen leave me a message.

Have a great day!


Pink Kitchen DIY Renovation

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