Weekly Links: Chocolate Cakes & Space Safer’s in the Kitchen

That’s right! The weekend swooshed by in a wim and here I am again, about to share my favourite things I saw, found and definitely want!

The Space Maximiser

The absolute first and best thing I’ve seen is a while, was an article I came accross on how one should not neglect the 4inch space no one thinks about in a kitchen! Check out this article on how to turn to your toe-kick into something sensational. Serioulsy I was blown away!

You know how much I love maximising soace right? Like how I raised our cabinet doors to the ceiling to get more space? Anyway check out this genius hack! Not sure how I could accomodate that, but I’ll most definitely will find a way in any future kitchen!

The Pink Kitchen Corner

Staying in the kitchen department and nooo I am not talking about my kitchen, but about Racheal’s recently revamped space in her home that went pink. Like pink everything! You have to see it!

Moonsand DIY

The other evenig I was home alone with Emma and she was soooo tired after Kindergarten that I needed something quick and fun to do with her, and then I remembered that I saw on my Pinterest a recipe for Moonsand. Well what caught my eye was that it’s a two-ingredient diy – so no shopping needed. As all you need is flour & oil! (mind always good to get rid of the real flour since no one is using or eating it in our house – I am gluten intolerant so my family get’s served alternatives haha)

Emma did enjoy herself, helping with mixing, adding colour and playing for a bit. Definitely a recommned from my side!


Jamie Olivers Celebration Chocolate Cake

Talking about baking, I love to watch Jamie Oliver food tv shows, from the comfort food one to the 5 ingredient and less one, where he magically comes up with the most amazing looking things. I have used his recipes quite a few times and just added the Celebration Chocolate Cake to my list – because what’s not to love: three layers of chocolate sponge with three different-mouthwatering layers inbetween!

Now I am just waiting for the occassion to actually make it. With occassion I mean getting someone over here to eat it!


Have a great week everyone!

Love, Christin xo

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