Weekly Links: From a Happy Life to Kitchen Plans

As promised here come’s my week round up for the last week! I thought it might be fun for you to see what I am working on, what I am looking at and what helps me to get my weekly work flow going. 

Let’s start with some motivational things! The other day I read an article about how Fearne Cotton deals with stress, and her trouble sleeping at night. Probably something many of us deal with but don’t talk about. I found her article on The 10-step guide to a happy life very relatable and somewhat helpful to also organise my personal one. 

One point I definitely need to get behind? Try to get some excerise in every day, and even if it’s just a walk. To much time is infact spent behind the computer. 

Talking about organisation, the other week I talked about how I have several to-do list’s at every point. That is true, not to stress myself but to keep in line and organised and not feel overwhelmed by plans and ideas. My favorite tool to keep all the list’s up to date? Microsofts To-Do computer application, which is also available for your phone. Did someome say on-the-go and paperless? I am all for it! If you have a good way to stay organised, tell me – I would love to know. 

Ok on to something else, last week I let it slip that I have some new ideas for our kitchen. You know how I like to to do yearly changes right? Pink Kitchen 1.0 and Pink Kitchen 2.0 was great, and I am sure there’ll be a 3.0 but before that I want to tackle a part I’ve been thinking about a long time. The floor and our seating arrangment. I want to update our flooring, diy style ofcourse and I am looking at stencils again. I found the best range of stencils here at Cutting Edge Stencils. Have you used them before? Would love to hear about!

I also want to build a corner bench, because they are fun! Let’s see where that experiment is taking me. But be assured, once I start I’ll take you along.

Another kitchen topic? I started organising our fridge & freezer. And oh boy am I inspired by all the great hacks and tips you’ve been sharing with and the amazing source called Pinterest.  Yesterday I emptied out a buckload of old condiments, sauces and spreads that I seem to have been holding on to, since the summer. It felt great, but now I need to find some great accessories to keep it organised. A great graphic I found was from The Home Edit who organise everything you can think of. Just look at this! And more great tips I found here. I’ll be of shopping some containers now 🙂

That was it for today! I hope you are going to have a great week and I’ll be sure to collect all my favourite links and findings over the next week again.

Love, Christin 

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