Weekly Links: From Houseplants to Faux DIY Fireplaces

Here are the things that caught my eye this week or got me rather excited!

Houseplant symbolism

You read right, this is an article about houseplant symbolism opposed to the usual articles how houseplants can your air. Because even though they certainly can, you would need a lot more than you probably have at the moment. So I find this article rather refreshing as it explains which houseplants stand for happiness, luck, wealth and more.

My feature in Origin Magazine!!!

After six looong weeks of waiting for my print copies they finally arrived and I thought that would be a great chance to also show you the accompanying online link to the article about our home. 

Soothing Night Terrors in kids

This is a topic close to home, not only had Calle terrible night terrors from a young up until only recently, now also Emma starts to show signs. I know kids are not harmed by those episodes in any way (if you don’t know, night terrors are sort of dreams where kids can scream, cry, kick and move about for 10-30 min while transferring to the next sleep phase. It sounds horrible but the one good thing is that kid’s usually do not have any recollection of these events), parents however do and that’s why I am started looking again for solutions or experience reports from other parents. 

I am part of a facebook group discusssing everything related to essential oils and I am quite a fan of them to be honest. So this is naturally my first place to turn to, when I know conventional medicine as such is not helpful. An oil recommended over and over again is Juniper Berry oil*– so I ordered a bottle and can not wait to tell you more about it.

But here a short article of it’s apparant benefits. 

*I am not affiliated with Doterra but do use their products.

If you however have other tips, I am all ear!

Arched Faux Fireplace DIY

Francesca from Fall For DIY has always got the best DIYs but this one probably tops it all! A faux arched fireplace guys! Winter is hopefully on its way out, but since its only ‘faux’ you could use it to decorate it beautifully for spring, summer, later halloween and you know, all the traditions. I am still trying to figure out where I would put mine!

Have a great week everyone! xo

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