Weekly Links: It’s a New Week with New Links & Things

We are back from vaction and I believe it’s time for some serious round-up of links & things that have crossed my path don’t you think?

The Travel Pants

Before heading of on vacation I made one great purchase – travel pants! Comfy pants that made our 16h ish journey so much more pleasant! Don’t thank me now, thank me later once you tried it. Btw those type of pants are also great around the house!

I couldn’t find the exact ones I bought online, but know I tried the two down below also on in the shop – and the decision was hard!


Party Essentialls

I am currently planning Emma’s third birthday parties with her friends and been on the look out for anything DIY & party related. When I came accross those poppers, I knew I had to save and hopefully will have time to make them! I mean how cool!

Cake of the week

Talking about part planning, infact we have four this week starting with mine today! That’s right it’s my birthday and I’ll bake cake if I want to. I started the weekend with sampling this beauty and oh my! So quick, easy and delicious. So if you’re anything like me and like lemon, you have to give this easy no-bake lemon cheese cake a try!

Spring Sale Vibes!

I have to toot my own trumpet here for a second as I somehow launched a spring sale up on returning home and have added maaaany goodies to the sale section in my shop! Didn’t know about that?

You got to check it out as numbers are decreasing steadily!

The office stretch!

This one really for me, to keep myself reminded that I indeed need to stretch more often. I have quite regulary back pain (nothing severe), when sitting too long in front of the computer or do my weird little diys in a bad posture. So ladies, if you are anyting like me, give it a read, save, share those tips with a friend and most importantly – stretch!

DIY Handsanitizer

Because things are as they are at the moment, and people have pretty much emptied the shelves of any form of handsanitizer or even worse sell them to fear striken people for a much higher price, I think it’s time to crack out the diys!

The recipe was found in a swedish newspaper article and translated by me:

2 Ingredient DIY hand sanitizer

  • 500ml alcohol (ethanol, not vodka)
  • 250ml coconut or aloe vera oil
  • (add essential oil for goodie smells)
  • mix and keep handy

You can also give Pinterest a go I am sure there is even more! Just don’t let those jackasses make money of your worries! Promise & keep washing your hands!


Ok that was it for now! I am off to bake cakes and plan my birthday dinner! ?

Have a great week everyone & stay healthy!

Love, Christin 


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