Weekly Links: Pick & Mix of Finds this Week!

An App that let’s you visualise wallpaper & tile in your home 

How many times have you thought about adding wallpaper or a special tile to your home and stopped because you just couldn’t visualise it? Well no more, Primer is a new app that let’s you do just this if you are located in the US!

If you are like me, not however than there are still options that can give you just as much an idea. Graham & Brown Decorating also launched an app that works just as well for wallpaper (and is internationally available). And for tiles you have the UK brand Topps Tiles, who offer their virtual visualiser on their website for hundreds of different kind of tiles ?


Why you should wear sunscreen on your face – every day

When I was in my early 20’s I worked in retail and had this manager who eventually I asked how old she was – because she looked way to young have had such a bag of experiences. The answer shocked me to my core – she was almost 50 and didn’t look a day older than 30! Her secret? She used SPF 50 on her face every single day. It stuck with me and I have tried to do the same every since as a morning routine. 

5 reasons why

My favourite sunscreen brand for the whole family

I came first across La Roche-Posay, a french brand, when hunting for a brand that was skin & toddler friendly. Infact, I tried so many I was ready to give up as Emma would get horrible eczema flaw ups during the summer months. Well not with this brand, and now we’re using it for the whole family.

And this is the one I use for my face – thin, not sticky and absorbing quickly.

Foods you can grow from kitchen scraps right now

I love planting veggie’s in the spring and harvesting in the summer/ fall – I am by no means a professional, and my harvest is always very small. But still a fun process. Now let’s up the game and use food rest’s to grow said veggie’s! 

How? Read on here


The DIY cardboard easel

Cardboard is such a fun medium to craft with kids! Last week Emma and me build a contemporary play house and painted it of course pink, and this week I continue the hunt for easy to do projects. When I came across this diy cardboard easel I thought that it’d be super fun to ‘play painter’ ?

Get the whole how-to here


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