Weekly Links: Resources for Living a Gluten Free Life & Still Love Cak

Here and there I share the baking antics I get up, and do get a lot of questions of where I find my recipes and ideas, since I can’t eat gluten, and therefore only bake #glutenfree

So I thought this week would be perfect sharing my top 4 resources I always refer to first and that keep my sweet (and savory) gluten-craving tooth happy!


An absolute must-follow & must-have: Glutenfree on a Shoestring

This was the first blog I discovered a couple of years ago, when I had to go gluten free and it’s been a live saver ever since. Even though Nicole’s recipe’s are with american and not always easy to find ingredients to find in the Europe, she suggest’s great substitutes. Plus the amount and variety of her recipe’s makes up for the extra effort. 

I also have her book about bread and it’s AMAZING!

Get to the blog here

And find her books here

Jamie Oliver’s website with gluten free recipes

A face you probably are very familiar with, but did you know that Jamie also regulary publishes gluten free recipes? No? Well you are welcome – because they are delicious!!!

Find them here

BBC’s Good Food Gluten free recipes

BBC might be a news site but they sure don’t lack in eatery ideas! This is the place, where I found my favourite and go to pancake recipe! The whole family loves it!

Get to the recipes here 

And find my go-to pancake recipe with only three ingredients here

The Gluten-free enthusiast: Grain Changer

I came accross Leah’s food & gluten free blog a few years ago, by chance on Instagram – and never looked back! Easy to follow recipes that turn out amazing! A definite go to as well!

Mt favourite recipe from her are the Strawberry Chocolate Chip Breakfast scones! Yum!

Find the blog here

Happy baking friends!

And if you have any questions, just send me an Email to hello@terraandtint.com or hop into my DM’s on Instagram 

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