Weekly Links: What to Do with Myself & My Family this Week?

No end in sight on self distancing and isloation – but it’s not all bad. Every week that goes by the smart cookies in our society move a step closer to relief. Until then we have to stay put and do our part, to make their work a tad easier. 

This week you can find another collection of activities and ideas on what to do when home (with or without kids).

Netflix Party

You don’t have to be in the same spot to enjoy and movie or tv show with your bestie! Simply start a Netflix Party

Craft Ideas for Kids – Parent approved

From building a fort to creating stage out of cardboard..some great ideas to be found right here.

Free Audio Books for your kids

Audible is an online audio book platform under the host Amazon. For time schools are closed they are offering free audio books for kids! That is pretty sweet isn’t it.

“…kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.”

Start listening here.

15 Free Fun Virtual Workouts to get Your Exercise in while You are at Home

That’s right! No more excuse to not keep fit. Find fun virtual work outs for the whole family to enjoy.

Stay fit!

45+ Free Educational Websites for Kids

Home schooling or just want to enhance your kids time off with some education topics yet fun? And don’t know where to start? Here you can explore 45+ free education websites for your little ones.

Explore them here.

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